What’s the first thing people see when they arrive at your business, either in person or from an internet search? Your logo, of course! Think of any major brand, be it Planet Fitness, Paul Mitchell or Hand & Stone, and what probably comes to mind are the distinct fonts, colors & images associated with them. A professionally designed, custom logo will increase your business’s visibility and bookings, whether you’re a single provider, run a small business or plan to expand to multiple locations. 

You know your business better than anyone, but that doesn’t necessarily make designing your own logo a great idea. Vagaro’s in-house Design Services Team has created memorable logos for hundreds of businesses, from salons, spas & fitness centers to tattoo studios. Below are the main benefits of a custom business logo, what makes a great logo design, and how our Design Services Team can help craft the perfect logo to represent your business & brand. 

Why Have a Custom Business Logo? 

Brand consistency begins with a memorable logo because it helps your business stand out from the crowd while making you appear professional and trustworthy to customers. People will come to associate your logo with your services, products & overall customer experience. In fact, this association is strengthened every time they see your logo. 

What Makes an Effective Business Logo? 

Business logo design for fitness businessThe right logo should… 

  • Be simple: It may seem that distilling your entire business, vibe & culture into one design means it must be complex, but that’s not the case. A simple logo is more identifiable and versatile. 
  • Be memorable: Usually there’s one aspect of a logo that really stands out to customers, and it must be universal. If customers don’t understand what they’re looking at, they won’t remember it. 
  • Be evergreen: An effective logo resonates with current trends but it’s also timeless. It shouldn’t become outdated in just a few short years. Choose something that will stand the test of time so you won’t have to rebrand anytime soon. 
  • Be relevant to your industry: Relevant doesn’t mean painfully obvious; you have some room to play here. The logo for your personal training business doesn’t necessarily need to include a dumbbell, nor must your salon’s logo feature a perfectly balayaged head of hair. But it should represent some aspect of your business, its name or its origins. 
  • Be versatile: This logo is going to go everywhere, from your website, booking pages & social media accounts to all your marketing materials. As such, it must be scalable. A logo needs to work at a small scale, like on gift cards, and on a large scale, like on signage. 
  • Have the right typography: Choosing the right fonts matters because each one equates to different things in people’s minds. Simple fonts that are easy to read are the way to go. It’s best to use one font, though never more than two, to ensure that your logo isn’t too busy. 
  • Have the right colors: Choosing the right colors is important because, like fonts, they represent different things to people. Colors can even affect your mood. As such, they affect consumer behaviors, such as booking with you or returning to your business. 

Why Create Your Logo with Vagaro? 

Vagaro designed business logoAside from having it created by professional designers, your business logo… 

Opens the door to other design services: Your logo is the first step toward utilizing many Vagaro features, such as the Marketplace’s Get Featured option, which bumps your business ahead of the pack in search results. Once we’ve crafted your logo, we can customize your gift cards, digital gift certificates, booking page theme, membership cards, branded app & all elements of your Brand Package 

Can be placed anywhere: Your logo can & should adorn everything, including any merchandise that you sell, or plan to sell. Selling products, especially through an online store, is an effective way to increase revenue, and branding them properly helps with familiarity & memorability. 

Is completely custom: That’s right—no one else has this logo but you. It’s completely customized with your individual wants & needs in mind. 

Is handled by our designers while you focus on your business: You love what you do, and Vagaro wants you to be able to focus on that as much as possible. Our Design Services Team collaborates with you every step of the way to ensure that the visuals in your logo are tailored to your brand vision. 

Is affordable: Working with creative agencies or other third-party designers on a logo can be expensive. Still, it’s important to work with professional designers who love what they do and who understand your business. Vagaro’s Design Services Team ticks these boxes and is more affordable than outside companies. Your logo can also be purchased using Vagaro Bucks. 

Check out these great custom business logos designed by our team!

How to Purchase Your Custom Business Logo 

You’ll find the option to purchase your business’s custom logo by clicking the Shopping Cart menu in your Vagaro software. 

How much does a custom business logo cost? Here is the price breakdown: 

Logo Pricing 

$100 $130 £75 $140


Whether you’re an individual service provider, you run a small business or are thinking about expanding to another location, a memorable logo is your first step toward brand recognition. Don’t make it an afterthought; have your logo created by experienced, professional designers who care about your vision and want to represent your brand the best way possible. If you’re ready to get this process started, simply add the service it to your shopping cart! And check out other great Vagaro design services available to your business, as well!