Thread veins are those little broken capillaries that occur on the face. Most often, they are seen around the chin, nose and the apples of the cheeks. You may have thread veins from a variety of causes, including diet and lifestyle and heredity. No matter how you got the thread veins, they can cause embarrassment and self-confidence issues. You don’t have to live with thread veins, however. There are several treatment options to get rid of facial thread veins forever.


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Sclerotherapy is a treatment option for thread veins that is highly effective and permanent. With sclerotherapy, the practitioner uses a tiny needle to inject a chemical saline solution into the thread vein. This solution essentially causes the thread vein to empty and subsequently seal itself. This process makes it no longer visible on the surface of your skin. Since thread veins are so small and numerous, sclerotherapy treatments may have to be done in multiple visits to avoid undo irritation.

Laser Therapy

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Laser therapy is another effective and popular treatment for unsightly facial thread veins. With laser therapy, the practitioner uses a special laser which they direct on the veins. The heat of the laser causes damage to the vein, which in turn makes it scar and unavailable for blood flow in the future. Like sclerotherapy, thread veins treated with laser therapy become invisible on the surface of the skin.


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Veinwave is a patented facial thread vein treatment that is also highly effective. Veinwave treatment involves a needle similar to sclerotherapy. With veinwave, however, the needle delivers targeted electrical currents to the thread veins. The subsequent heat harms and seals the damaged veins, making them invisible on the surface of the skin.

With each of these treatments, there is virtually no downtime. Although you may experience some facial redness after treatment, you could literally have these procedures done on your lunch hour and return to work the same day. These treatments for facial thread veins are non-invasive, so no general anesthesia is required, making them affordable. Slight discomfort or a small stinging or tickling sensation may be felt with any of the above treatments. If you are pain sensitive, ask your practitioner about using an over the counter pain medication.


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