Healthy juicing lifestyle trend woman drinking green spinach juice smoothie cup at restaurant table. Unrecognizable person holding glass of <a href=fresh vegetables blend for a vegetarian diet detox cleanse .” width=”400″ height=”267″ />Of all the superfoods that have been deemed such over the years, kale is among the most popular. It can be eaten it raw, fried, or blended. You know it’s good for you, but have you ever considered putting it on your skin? Some vegan skincare brands are making serums out of super-healthy vegetables like kale, so here’s what you need to know.

It’s Full of Nutrients Whether You Eat or Wear It

Kale is considered a superfood because it’s a nutritional powerhouse. Livestrong mentions the vegetable is loaded with copper, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Vitamin A benefits the skin by generating normal cell turnover so that unwanted dead skin is sloughed away. Vitamin C acts as the skin shield against the sun. While sunscreen is the top choice, kale helps to avoid that leathery dark look. Another benefit of vitamin C is the development of collagen that keeps your skin looking supple and healthy. Copper can assist with reducing inflammation and trigger the development of sun-fighting melanin.

Woman applying mask moisturizing skin cream on face looking in bathroom mirror. Girl taking care of her complexion layering moisturizer. Skincare spa treatment.Are There Any Benefits to Wearing It Instead of Eating It?

Those who have hopped onto the superfood skincare train will agree that these products are brimming with antioxidants. Great at reducing the effects of free radicals and at combatting inflammation.

There’s no need to run out and buy the newest, priciest serums. Antioxidant properties are already in a variety of skincare products. Go through your medicine cabinet and take a look at the ingredients on your favorite products.

Woman cleaning peeling her face in bathroom making facial massage with scrub. Girl taking care of skin condition. Hygiene. Skincare spa treatment.

The Verdict

While you can get the benefits of kale from eating it, not all wearable forms of kale will do. Experts advise against just slathering kale juice on your face and calling it a day; it won’t have the same effects. If you do get your skincare from a superfood, splurge on a real product.