From mayonnaise hair masks to fish pedicures and even leech facials, odd beauty products and hacks are nothing new. One high ticket skincare line is making waves with a “special’ ingredient, though – super-pricey beauty brand Hermetise includes cat feces as a key ingredient in their skin care lineup.

It’s a Big Investment

Yes, really. Hermetise’s Kopi Luwak Anti-Pollution Oxygen Brightening Treatment uses several key ingredients, including cat poop, in their formula. This product has a pretty steep price tag for something born in a litter box—if you want to try this treatment, you’ll need to fork over about $1,600 for a single container. In addition to some feline byproducts, the Brightening Treatment contains gold and some of the most expensive coffee in the world.

The Asian Civet’s Poop includes Luxurious Coffee Beans

The cats producing the thousand-dollar poo are not your ordinary house cat. The cat responsible for the pricey poop is the Asian Civet, whose natural diet includes high end coffee beans. Civet cats hang out around coffee plantations and gobble up the raw beams. They digest the beans, pass them out and the farmer gathers up the pricey poop for the beauty industry.

Civet poop is found to tighten the skin, brighten and even skin tone and provide a more stable pH balance and is a key ingredient in one step of Hermetise’s three-part skin care regimen. You’re not going to save much money if you skip that cat poop step though, each component costs about $1,600 – or you can save and buy all three parts for a bargain price – just $4995.

Not sure about this process? Your local salon or spa might have some skin care suggestions that rival the benefits of the cat-poop cream, minus the poop and the hefty price tag.