As we grow and our beauty needs change, we naturally need to try new products. However, there is some risk associated with putting a new formula on your skin, especially delicate areas such as the face or neck. If you want to test new beauty and skincare products the right way, here it is.

Test on a Delicate but Discreet Patch of Skin

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When you test a new product, you don’t want to do it in plain sight, for obvious reasons. However, neither do you want to put it on a tougher area of the body, such as your outer arms or legs. Choose an area with thinner, more delicate skin akin to your face or neck. The inside of the wrist and elbow both work well. Dab a small amount of the product on the skin, rub it in and wait.

Wait 24 Hours without Showering

You’ll want to wait a full 24 without showering, swimming, going to a sauna, working up a massive sweat or otherwise washing the product off. Otherwise, you can’t reliably ascertain whether or not the product bothers you.

Test on Your Face or Body

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Next, test on the part of the body your product is intended for. Sometimes a small amount won’t cause a problem, but a larger helping will. It’s best to do this on a free weekend so any reactions can be taken care of at home. Again, wait a full day before washing.

Wait a Week Before Using at Big Events

While you can catch most reactions within the 24-hour period, especially if they’re severe, sometimes a rash or outbreak may be delayed. This can be due to a lag on your body’s part or an interaction with a product you use a little later. Therefore, if you’re planning to use a new brightening cream, under-eye concealer or makeup line on a big day – say, your wedding or your best friend’s for whom you’re a bridesmaid – you’ll want to wait a full week before calling the experiment a success.

If you safely make it through all these steps and you like the effect of the product, hooray! You’ve successfully added a new option to your beauty repertoire. If you’re uncertain, or want to make sure you get the best for your money, head to a salon for help finding the perfect beauty products for you.