Temperatures are dropping and itchy, red skin are starting to show as we head into the winter season. Once the frigid months arrive, all you’ll want to do is cover your face in a big scarf to hide your embarrassing skin. Don’t give up! By changing your beauty routine, you’ll be prepared for winter dryness.

Female skier applying lip balm

Keep lips moisturized

Make it a part of your routine now to keep lips happy and moisturized. Escape the peeling, sore, red lips and carry a tube or pot of lip balm with you wherever you go. When winter arrives and your lips are feeling dry, you’ll be prepared to relieve them.

Humidify the air

It’s that time of year to turn up the heater, however all that warm air sucks the moisture out of your skin. Consider a humidifier. They add moisture back to the air, keeping your skin hydrated. Stay ahead of the lifeless winter season get yourself a humidifier. Your skin will thank you.

Young woman applying cleansing moisturizing skin cream on face. Girl taking care of dry complexion layering moisturizer. Skincare.Get used to cold showers now

We know, we know! It’s freezing outside and the last thing you want to do is have a cold shower. You want to sink into some warm water, maybe light some candles and read for a bit. We get it. However, your skin is just going to be irritated later, so start easing into cold showers before the temperatures really drop.

Invest in heavier moisturizers

Put away those summer moisturizers. They’re not helping your skin anymore. Liking going from shorts to thick sweaters, you’ll need to upgrade to winter-appropriate moisturizer too. They’re specifically designed to hydrate you during this dry season, keeping your skin looking fresh and supple.

Use petroleum jelly

Sure, you can slather your body in pricey lotions, but petroleum jelly works just as well. This all-around solution can reduce itchiness and redness, heal dryness, and even double as a lip balm.