Although most of us are more focused on switching up our wardrobes for fall, learning the proper techniques to care for your skin can make a world of difference over time. Are you looking for some great ways to protect your skin during the autumn months? Check out these awesome tips!

Wear Your Sunscreen

sunscreen on nose and cheeksAlthough you may be tempted to skip the sunscreen now that the days are growing colder, that would be a huge mistake. The sun may not be as prominent as it was during those beautiful summer days, however, the it is still powerful enough to do significant damage to your skin. If you are going outside, don’t skip your sunscreen!

Moisturize Overnight

In addition to sunscreen, moisturizing your skin overnight is will keep your skin soft and supple. Before you go to bed each night, and following your shower, lather up your skin with your favorite moisturizer and massage it in until it disappears. This will allow it to work its magic overnight and will leave your skin feeling pampered and refreshed.

Use Heat In Moderation

young-woman-on-couch-wrapped-in-fur-blanketWhile it may be tempting to blast the heat as the temperatures continue to drop, remember to use it in moderation. Although it feels great for the body as a whole, high temperatures can have drying and other damaging effects on the skin. Use robes and blankets to minimize the chill.

Overall, caring for your skin in the fall doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply follow these tips and you will be well on your way to keeping your skin in excellent condition for the entire year.