Choosing the right foundation for your skin will depend on your skin type. For example, products for acne-prone skin have different results on dry skin. Using the wrong foundation causes wrinkles, oiliness, and even breakouts. If you’re at a loss, look no further! We’ve put together a quick guide on how to chose the right foundation for your skin type and needs.

For Normal to Oily Skin

Best: For normal or slightly oily skin, a matte liquid finish foundation is the way to go. This lightweight powder-foundationfoundation has a smooth texture that blends and builds for a clean coverage. The matte finish minimizes shine and is a safe option for acne-prone and oily skin sufferers.

Pressed or loose powder foundation is another great alternative. They’re lightweight and can be applied wet or dry with a sponge. Powders often provide the user with a smooth look and soft glow.

Worst: While most selections are acceptable for normal to oily skin, moisturizing liquid foundations should be used in moderation. The finish causes your skin to appear shiny and greasy.

For Dry Skin

how-to-apply-bronzer-cream-here-we-tell-you-the-right-way-2Best: Cream and stick foundations are wonderful options for normal to dry skin. Cream foundation blends easily with a brush or sponge, resulting in fresh look. Stick foundation offers medium to full coverage and is perfect for when you’re on-the-go.

Worst: Pressed or loose powder foundations are not recommended. They absorb moisture and leave your skin dehydrated.

With all that said, the best way to find out which foundation best suits you is to try it on. Once you’ve found the perfect match, you’ll be amazed at the difference the right one can make!