America is a coffee-loving country—more than 82% of the US coffee-drinking population drinks 2 or more cups of joe every day! But did you know that as a beauty treatment, coffee provides many of the same invigorating effects as drinking your daily java? According to studies published by Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, researchers observed caffeine’s abilities extend further than just a great morning perk-up. The overall skin benefits of caffeine include protecting skin cells from the damaging effects of UV radiation, fighting the damage caused by free radicals, increasing blood circulation, and preventing cellular fat accumulation. September 29 is National Coffee Day, so to celebrate the benefits of the bean, here are a few spa treatments that incorporate this unconventional beauty booster!

Coffee’s Beauty Benefits

While drinking your daily cup of coffee will provide many benefits besides your gentle morning wake-up, to take advantage of coffee’s beauty benefits, most coffee treatments are topical. Some of the natural skin benefits of coffee and caffeine spa treatments include the following:

  • Anti-aging properties
  • Collagen booster
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Minimizes the appearance of puffiness and dark circles
  • Natural exfoliant
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Effective acne treatment and redness reducer
  • Inflammation reducer
  • Naturally rich source of skin cancer-fighting vitamin B3 (niacin)
  • Rich source of polyphenol antioxidants that fight free radicals
  • Soothing after-sun treatment
  • Calming aromatherapy effects
  • Improves blood flow and brightens skin
  • Boosts circulation to lower extremities when used as a foot soak

Brighten Up with Caffeine

Caffeine has a biologically active nature and a high concentration of potent antioxidants, which makes it capable of delivering a wide range of skin benefits. For example, caffeine assists in the neutralization of damaging free radicals, which contributes to premature aging. The high concentration of antioxidants in caffeine helps repair UV ray damage from sun exposure. Because of these unique chemical properties, caffeine spa treatments can improve the appearance of wrinkles and sun spots. Additionally, caffeine is a natural collagen booster that helps improve the overall look of your skin and can mitigate the loss of elasticity that comes with age.

Give Your Skin a Caffeine Buzz

Unsurprisingly, the texture of coffee grounds is the ideal consistency for a great exfoliator, whose aroma gives you an additional pick-me-up. The caffeic acid found in coffee grounds boosts the production of collagen, which imparts a dewy, bright quality that rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin. Likewise, the active caffeine in coffee grounds works as an anti-inflammatory to de-puff and decrease the appearance of dark circles when gently applied to the eye area. Bonus: the same anti-inflammatory qualities help reduce the swelling and redness caused by many topical acne treatments. However, caffeine is anything but a one-trick pony in the skin department! When used in lip treatments, caffeine serves to increase blood flow and make lips temporarily appear plumper.

Zap Cellulite with a Coffee Wrap!

While it’s certainly not a cure-all, caffeine can also help you zap the appearance of cellulite in problem areas. Caffeine is one of the chemicals that helps trigger lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat stored in the fat cells. When used in spa treatments, coffee products are often combined with gentle heat in body wraps, promoting cellular metabolism, lipolysis, and the elimination of water retention. These types of spa treatments impart a total-body energizing effect. The benefits of these kinds of spa treatments are immediately visible, although temporary. The immediate result of caffeine and coffee spa treatments is a temporary reduction in swelling that gives the appearance of overall smoother skin, and the tighter, toned appearance of problem areas such as the tummy and thighs.

Get Your Caffeine Fix—At the Spa!

There are a few reasons coffee is starting to make an appearance at the spa, included in many skin-rejuvenating and cellulite-zapping treatments. It’s primarily the caffeine in coffee that makes this skin-boosting ingredient “buzz-worthy.” Besides the therapeutic and reviving effects caffeine delivers by itself in spa treatments, it also has the added benefit of acting synergistically with other antioxidants in spa treatment formulations, increasing their overall efficacy. Modern spas offer a range of coffee-based, caffeine-infused treatments targeting different areas of the body. Coffee facials and other skin treatments can be used to brighten the skin and promote a healthy glow. Coffee wraps de-puff and temporarily treat the appearance of cellulite, and coffee pedicures improve circulation while giving tired tootsies a break. Some spas even combine coffee’s aromatherapy benefits with caffeine’s physical effects to create full-body stress relief!

So the next time you reach for your daily cup of coffee, remember the wealth of benefits coffee can provide your body besides your daily wake-up. Then give your favorite local spa a call, to see what kinds of coffee-based services they offer and see what a little extra coffee can do for your skin. If you’re a spa professional, it’s never been a better time to add a coffee treatment to your service menu. Then use Vagaro to let customers know you’ve got the buzz they’re looking for!

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