We are all sad to see the summer go now that it’s officially autumn. No more laying out, enjoying the sunshine and summer breeze. Thankfully, although you can’t keep winter from coming, you can hang on to your summer tan for as long as possible by using the following tips.

Stay Hydrated

water bottleIt’s easy to drink plenty of water in 90 degree weather. It isn’t so easy when temperatures fall, though. However, to keep your tan around for as long as possible be sure to keep hydrated. This prolongs your skin cell’s life, including those that are suntanned.

Protect Your Skin

You might assume wearing sunscreen is counterintuitive to keeping your tan. However, when your skin burns, the tan below fades more quickly. Because it causes peeling, you will lose your tan underneath. Therefore, make sure to continue to wear sunscreen, even when temperatures drop.

Moisturize Regularly

woman putting lotion on her faceSpeaking of skin peeling, another way to keep your tan around for as long as possible is to keep your skin moisturized. In most cases, your face will fade before any other part of your body, so investing in a high-quality facial moisturizer is a good idea.

Cheat a Little

When your tan begins to fade, compensate with the bottled variety. Get a great spray tan from your favorite salon or you could wear a great bronzer. Adding artificially to your tan can make it last longer.

Wear Light Colors

If you wear a light color, like white, your skin will naturally appear darker in contrast. This will make your fading tan seem more vibrant. Therefore, to give your tan a boost, simply incorporate light colored clothing into your fall wardrobe.

The above tips are a few ways you can use to keep your tan around for as long as possible. You can’t keep summer from ending, but you can hold on to that summer glow.