Both men and women benefit from a skincare routine. It’s useful to work with a partner if you struggle keeping up with a skincare routine, and who better to work with than your sweetheart? Designing a skincare routine that involves both of you can bring you closer and help you maintain the dewy, clear skin too! Here are three ideas for getting better skin by working together.

1. A splash of cold water

To start with, everyone should wake up and start the day with a splash of cold water to the face. Warm water feels good, but the benefits of cold water shouldn’t be overlooked. Cold water has benefits like making you feel more awake, reducing depression and increasing circulation. By increasing your circulation, you’ll remove more toxins from your skin and see it improve over time. Additionally, since hot water washes away oils, your skin will retain moisture and look clearer thanks to a cold-water regimen. Don’t think you can handle cold water on your own? Consider taking a cold shower with your partner or help each other place cold washcloths on each other’s faces while you’re getting ready in the morning.

Photo by Lucas Sankey

2. Make a date to exfoliate

Exfoliation is good for your skin. You use a gritty lotion or makeup remover, face wash or other recommended product from a salon to complete the exfoliation process. Some people find it easier to have a partner when exfoliating, since their partners can help them reach areas like their middle backs. All areas of your body benefit from exfoliation, and you’ll see fewer breakouts if you complete an exfoliation routine regularly.

3. Go to the spa together

Finally, don’t be afraid to destress together at a local spa. You and your partner can benefit from a massage, facial and custom face masks to help clear your skin and make it healthier. Local spas have excellent products to try, and the best part is that you and your spouse can head to one to go through a spa treatment together.

Photo by Robb Leahy

These are a few ways you can work together to create a perfect skincare routine. Remember, healthy skin is possible!



Header photo by Bryan Apen on Unsplash