Concealer is great for hiding minor imperfections like blemishes, birth marks, age spots, and dark circles. Unfortunately, they’re more prone to creasing when they’re applied under the eyes. This happens for a few reasons. Dry skin, poor quality makeup and the improper use of primers can all be culprits for why concealer creases. If you have frustrations about wrinkles, don’t worry! We’ve put together some tips to stop the creasing.

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Stay Hydrated

Your skin appears dry, dull and tight when you’re dehydrated. Moisture helps to keep your cells plump and prevent your concealer from creasing and cracking. If you suffer from chronic dry skin, apply a light moisturizer to your skin before applying your concealer.

Try using a Primer

Primer is an excellent base for concealer. Apply a thin layer of primer to your skin, making sure to blend it out and up towards your eye. Apply your makeup over the primer area. You’ll notice that your makeup goes on smoother and last considerably longer. Primers can be found in several forms, including powders, creams and gels.

Woman in a beauty salon, makeup artist applied primer for face

Practice Your Technique

The right technique makes a significant difference in your final look. After applying the concealer to your under eye area, blend the product in well using a clean finger or brush. Dab the skin with a tissue to remove excess product. Finish by setting the concealer with translucent powder.

Avoid Cream

Cream-based concealers are notorious for caking and creasing. You can prevent most creasing situations by simply avoiding the biggest creasing culprit. Stick with liquid concealers for a smooth coverage.

Apply Corrector

The dark circles are due to the visibility of blood vessels. While it’s not always possible to prevent dark circles, you can help hide them with a under eye makeup corrector. Opt for a concealer that is one shade darker than your skin tone to naturally blend in with the dark circles.

Concealer can crease for a number of reasons, but following some preventative measures can help reduce or prevent caking and creasing. Keep your under eye area smooth and flawless with these simple beauty tips.