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ian dooley

Facial hair can be a love-hate relationship. For many, facial hair adds to your look and style. However, for many others, not so much. Thankfully for those who are not in favor, a quick trip to your local salon can do away with those unwanted, naturally-grown whiskers. Whether you’re well-versed in facial wax or not, here are some tips to prepare for your salon visit.

What to do Before Visiting Your Salon For a Facial Wax

  • Ensure There is Enough Hair to Wax: According to Joy Randall, owner of Flawless Makeup Art in Charlotte, North Carolina, you need to have ¼ to ½ inches of hair in order to get a great wax job. If you tend to pluck regularly, this likely means you will have to put up with hair growth for two to four weeks before your trip to the salon to ensure there is enough hair to wax.
  • Prepare Your Facial Palette: Think of your face as a palette for your wax job. You want to ensure as clear a surface as possible. To do this, make sure your skin is free from pimples or minor cuts and isn’t currently sunburned. You will also want to avoid taking certain medications like Renova, Rentin-A, Retinol or Accutane. If you are currently undergoing treatment with these medications, wait for your salon trip until after the medication is out of your system as it will make your skin more sensitive. Also, opt out of lotions and creams the day of your salon trip. (These tips are curtsey of She Knows Beauty.)

What to Do After Your Facial Wax

Cleanse skin after waxing with witch hazel, which is a soothing antiseptic, and make sure you are using a moisturizing product on waxed skin. Also, use a mineral based makeup to reduce the appearance of redness. Choose mineral based because it’s the best when it comes to allowing the skin to breathe. (These tips are curtsy of enkiverywell.)

When booking your next facial wax trip, ask your salon what the beauty professionals there recommend for you to do before and after your facial waxing visit. They likely have their own tried-and-true recommendations honed from years of experience.

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Enrico Carcasci

The makeup products that we use every day are designed with skin care in mind; however, the makeups we use on Halloween are not. For this reason, removing that amazing Zombie face you created can be a challenge. The goal is to remove the makeup without clogging your pores or irritating your skin. The tips below will help you safely remove your work of art, allowing your natural beauty to resurface.

1. Remove Any Embellishments

Anything that you had to glue on should be removed first. If you glued them on with a latex-based lash glue, they will most likely come off easily; however, if you used something stronger (spirit gum), you will need to work a bit harder. You should never try to remove these items using your fingernails, you could easily scratch your skin in the process: Instead, dip a cotton swab in a remover designed for this purpose. Gently work around the edges of the embellishments until they come off.

2. Use an Oil-Based Cleanser to Soften the Makeup

Halloween makeup contains a variety of waxes, oils, silicones and pigments. These ingredients ensure that the makeup lasts longer than the everyday varieties do. However, this also means that your usual facial wash will not be able to dissolve these products. You can use an oil-based cleanser to soften the makeup prior to removing it. Your hands and face should both be dry when applying the oil-based remover: Gently massage the remover onto your face, making sure you apply it over your entire face, as well as over your lips and eyes. Follow the manufacturer’s directions in relation to how long you should leave the oil-based cleanser on, and the preferred method of removal.

3. Use a Dampened Microfiber Makeup Remover

Once the oil-based cleanser if removed, dampen a microfiber makeup remover and gently wipe it across your face: It should easily remove any remaining pigment.

4. Take Advantage of Bi-Phase Pre-Cleansers

A bi-phase pre-cleanser can be used daily before applying your makeup. In addition, these cleansers are ideal for removing the heavy makeup used on Halloween. There are various kinds of bi-phase pre-cleansers, some require a single step; whereas, others require two.

5. Moisturize

Once you have completed removing all of your embellishments and makeup, remember to moisturize your face. Moisturizing your face after makeup removal helps reduce the likelihood that you will experience skin irritation.

As you are purchasing your Halloween adhesives and prosthetics, remember to purchase the correct adhesive remover at the same time. Also, stock up on gauze pads, cotton swabs, cotton balls as well as blenders and sponges: All of which will help you create the ghoul, mermaid or princess of your dreams (or nightmares, mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!).

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Fall is nearly upon us! This summer was a scorcher, which probably meant that you couldn’t do much with your hair besides pin it up away from your face. Are you in the mood for a hair change after this long, balmy season? Get in on these hot fall hair trends now to be ahead of the curve later.


Yes, you may be tired of pulling your hair back after doing it all summer, but it’s worth it to wear one of these beautiful braids. No matter how you want to wear your hair, like a side braid, braided bun, or braiding just a portion of your locks, you’re good to go this fall!

Fantasy hair color

Nothing ruins fantasy hair color faster than a trip to the beach or a dip in the pool. Now that summer is behind us, indulge your inner rock star with a fun, fantastical hair dye. Pastel colors are a nice way to try this trend without diving right in, or you can go full force with a show-stopping green, purple, or blue.

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Now that the temperatures are cooling off, you don’t have to worry about your bangs sticking to your sweaty forehead all day. Not only will these keep your face warm in the chillier months, but bangs are utterly timeless and totally chic.

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Luscious Curls

Get out the curling iron if your hair is straight, and curly-haired girls, put down that hair straightener! Embrace your natural hair with big, wild, bouncy curls that are full of life.


Bobs are high-maintenance haircuts. You have to keep getting them trimmed to avoid them transforming into an unfortunate mullet (yuck). Lobs, or longer bobs, are a happy medium. They look better the more they grow out, so you can get your autumn haircut and then not have to worry again until about Thanksgiving.

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Fineas Gavre

Enhancing beauty in youth is simple; however, as we age, challenges arise. Fine lines and wrinkles are not the only problem women who are 40 years old and beyond must contend with: Other issues include thinning lips, blue hues beneath the eyes and an unsteady hand. Not to worry! The tips below are designed to help you address imperfections, choose the perfect foundation and ensure your makeup lasts all day.

1. Choose Your Foundation with the ‘Neck Test’

Many women apply foundation to their wrist or hold the bottle up to their face in an attempt to determine which color suits their complexion best; however, neither of these tactics work as well as the ‘Neck Test’ does. Performing the neck test is simple, just apply the foundation of choice directly on your jawline and down a portion of your neck. You should try at least three shades, applying them side-by-side. Choose the one that matches your complexion best.

2. Use Tape to Apply Your Eyeliner

If you are interested in creating a winged eyeliner look, unsteady hands are not ideal. Therefore, consider using a piece of scotch tape as a guide. Make sure the tape is not very sticky, close your eye and place the tape slightly angled off your upper eyelid (at the eyelash line). Carefully create the line. Even if your line is not perfect, just pull the tape off. The tape should have taken most of the excess eyeliner with it; however, if there is some left, just use a dampened Q-Tip to perfect the look.

3. Enhance Thin Lips with Lip Liner

For some women, they have been cursed with thin lips and, as she ages, she will see more thinning. To add a bit of volume, try using a sharp-tipped lip liner in a shade that is similar to your natural lip color to trace around your lips. Half of the line should be outside of your lips and the other half should be within the lip: It is this technique that makes the lips look more luscious.

4. Wear Long-Lasting Makeup

Life is busy, which is why it can be difficult to continuously ‘touch up’ your makeup throughout the day. Instead of going out of your way to ‘powder your nose,’ try this trick: Apply your foundation and then your concealer as you normally would. Now, apply a thick layer of powder to your face and place your face into a bowl of ice water for about 30 seconds (or as long as you can). Pat your face dry and apply the rest of your makeup. Besides waking you up, the ice water sets your face so you no longer have to ‘powder your nose’ periodically throughout your busy day.

5. Apply Peach Concealer

Blue hues beneath the eyes make an individual appear tired. This can be addressed with concealer: For the majority of women, peach concealer is the answer. Once applied, allow the peach concealer to dry and then use your usual concealer color on top.

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Alexa Mazzarello

Skin tags are harmless growths that are elevated from the surface of the skin, often connected by a little stalk or flap. These small, benign growths won’t cause you any harm, but they can be irritating, depending on the location and size of the tag. They can also impact the look of your skin, so if you don’t care for their appearance, you can opt to have them removed. Learning more about skin tags can help you decide what to do if you have one and take the right approach to removal.

Who Gets Skin Tags?

Anyone can get a skin tag; they are the most common skin growth experienced by adults of both genders, according to WebMD. You are more likely to develop skin tags if you are an adult, overweight or female, but the actual cause for these bumps is unknown. Skin tags can be anywhere on the body, but often occur on the chest, back, neck or armpits. Some hormonal changes during pregnancy can also cause skin tags to appear.

Remove It or Leave It Alone?

Skin tags are not dangerous and won’t turn into cancerous growths, according to MedicineNet. These harmless growths can be painful if they are in an area that is chafed by clothing or if you accidentally cut one while shaving. If the skin tag is in an area that causes you discomfort or you simply don’t like the look of it, it can easily be removed. Unlike a wart or other skin growth, removal is permanent – -the skin tag will not grow back or spread if you remove it.

Professional Removal is best

While you can technically remove a skin tag at home, it could leave a scar that looks and feels worse than the original tag. A visit to your dermatologist is best; your skin tag can be removed in seconds using the best treatment option for its size and location. Topical anesthesia can be used to ensure there is no discomfort during removal.

Since skin tags are not dangerous, asking your doctor or dermatologist about yours during your next exam allows you to have them removed by a professional without making an extra appointment. If the tag is bothersome or you want it removed right a way, a quick trip to the dermatologist is the way to go.

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Ayo Ogunseinde

As summer ends and fall approaches, so too must your beauty regimen adjust to the changing temperatures and environment. Beauty trends come and go, but here are the latest fall beauty trends to get into now, while you still have time to experiment with details.

The Warm, Smoky Eye

Caramel, russet and copper shades evoke feelings of cool fall evenings spent on the porch with a pumpkin spice latte. These colors are attractive on almost any colored eye, which makes it the go-to combination for a fall beauty trend.

Glimmery Primers

Highlights aren’t just for cheekbones. For the ultimate fall beauty trend, press lightweight shimmery primer into your brow bone for a sheen that seems to emanate from within. Follow with a light dusting of shadow to evoke a depth of color.

Gem-Colored Hues

Jewel tones make your eyes the focal point of attention. For the biggest impact, opt for metallic gem toned hues that contrast with your iris color. For example, choose amber to offset hazel eyes, or dark purple to offset blue eyes. Warning, though. If you’re going all out on the eyes, play it low key with the rest of your makeup, especially the lips.

Nude Lips

Nude lips are all the rage for fall. Of course, you don’t actually have to go au natural to get this look. Protect lips from cooler temps with combo lip tinted lip protectors from Burt’s Bees and other brands. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your lips are protected while still exhibiting that “barely there” color that aligns with fall beauty trends.

It’s fun to follow trends, and these latest fall beauty trends are the most fashion forward of all.