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Felipe P. Lima Rizo

Are you always looking enviously at other people’s nails, wishing yours could look so long and beautiful? You may think that your nails are short and weak due to genetics, and that there’s not much you can do about it. In fact, you can have longer, stronger nails. They may not be model perfect, but it’s nearly a certainty that your nails can grow longer and stronger if you take the following advice.

1.  Stop Using Your Nails as a Tool

Okay, back in the caveman days using fingernails as tools was probably pretty useful. But now that we have real tools, there’s no longer a need for you to use your fingernails to pry things open like the tab on a can of cat food. Fight the urge to use your nails, and instead reach for the nearest spoon or whatever you need to get the job done. Your nails will thank you for it.

2. Take Biotin

Biotin is a vitamin that supports healthy hair and nail growth. This is a supplement that is readily available in pharmacies and grocery stores. Over a short period of time, you’ll notice that your nails don’t peel, and are growing in thicker than they used to.

3. Moisturize

Before bedtime or while you’re watching TV, take a few minutes and moisturize your nails and cuticles with olive oil or coconut oil. In a pinch, you can even use vegetable oil. This simple little trick will help to prevent breaking, splitting and cracking, as well as help nails grow faster.

4. Wear Gloves

Yes, those bright yellow gloves that your mother used to wear while she washed dishes were actually a smart idea. Gloves protect your nails from harsh soaps and detergents, and also provide a barrier so nails and hands don’t dry out or accidentally get chipped. If you don’t like the yellow, these handy gloves are also available in hot pink.

5. Switch to Non-Acetone Polish Remover

Acetone is very drying on your nails. Although it only takes a second or two to remove nail polish, the acetone sinks into the porous nail bed. Ask your salon manicurist to use a non-acetone based remover instead.

6. Let Nails Breathe

Give nails a break from polish on the weekends to let them breathe a little. Layers of polish can be gorgeous, but your nails need a break between manicures. It’s better to have more manicures with weekend breaks, than it is to keep piling on layer after layer of polish.

You’ll be surprised how fast your nails grow when you use these tips. Pretty soon your next dilemma is needing to trim your quick-growing nails so often!

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Suffering for beauty is not a new thing. For centuries women have been doing terrible things to their skin and bodies all in the name of beauty. While it is widely believed that many of these beauty trends are no longer in practice, there are still some that are rather alarming. Are you partaking in any of these dangerous skincare trends?

Mercury in Your Skin Cream

Bottom line here, beware when purchasing skincare products from import stores. The FDA identified a lengthy list of products from these sources that included mercury. Most of these are skin lightening creams, but a few had other purposes. Before purchasing, check the label for mercury but be aware that it can also be listed under other names including calomel, mercurio, mercurous chloride, or mercuric.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is usually considered to be a more natural, better makeup that is better for your skin, but an ingredient in some brands cause concerns. Mica and several other minerals are common ingredients which aren’t bad, but it’s particles can become airborne and inhaled, resulting in lung damage. On construction sites, workers who use products like Spackle that contain mica wear masks to avoid breathing in the particles. While there are no formal warnings yet, it is worth keep an eye on the ingredients list and how you use the product.

Arsenic as an Impurity of some Skincare Ingredients

Arsenic is a toxic carcinogen linked to cancer and other serious health issues. It’s something you don’t want near you, but it could be lurking in your skincare products as an impurity of other ingredients. The ingredients hydrogenated cottonseed glyceride, polyvinyl acetate, hydrogenated cotton seed oil, octenylsuccinate, and aluminum starch may contain arsenic as an impurity.

Failure to Read the Labels on Your Beauty Products

Did you know that you absorb as much as 60 percent of what you put on your skin? It’s true and what you don’t know could make you very sick and even kill you. Benzoyl peroxide, FD&C color and pigments, sodium lauryl sulfate and other toxic substances may be lurking in your beauty products and you won’t even know it if you don’t read labels. This infographic provides a great list of toxic compounds found in beauty products.

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Joe Gardner

Blackheads, zits, pimples… they are the worst nightmare of any teen on the eve of prom, or a bride nearing her wedding and are a nuisance to anyone who wishes for clean, flawless skin. If you are like most, your go-to treatment for this common, yet pesky skin problem is to pop it. Turns out, according to Sandra Lee, a dermatologist more commonly referred to as “Dr. Pimple Popper” and other skin experts featured on Allure, this is the last thing you should do to remedy the problem at least not in the traditional way. Read below to learn more about what you “shouldn’t” do to get rid of blackheads:

1. Don’t Pop Them Too Early

We just mentioned that you shouldn’t pop a blackhead at will. Dr. Lee says her mantra is “Know when you pop and know when you stop.” The good doctor explains that popping a blackhead at the wrong time can lead to all kinds of issues, perhaps the most severe being scarring. This is, of course, the last thing you want. Therefore, in order to ensure you do the least damage possible, you need to wait until the pimple has a head. In other words, when it’s still a red zit situated deep under your skin, don’t force it up. You can apply warm compresses to move the process along though.

2. Don’t Use Your Fingers

Saying “don’t pop zits” is something most dermatologists say but know you and everyone else will likely ignore. Therefore, since Dr. Lee knows popping will happen, she recommends you use a tool, not your fingers to complete the task. This will prevent infection from your fingernails and also will reduce the trauma on the surrounding skin. One tool she recommends is a comedone extractor. Use it by rotating it around the blackhead, pushing around it, not on the blackhead itself.

3. Don’t Keep Messing With it

It is just human nature to mess with a zit, even after it’s been popped. Dr. Lee says this is a big no, no. Instead, once you have popped the pimple, treat it will any antibiotic cream, peroxide or topical acne treatment and then leave it alone. If you keep touching it, the risk of infection to the area and eventual scarring increases. Remember, the less you touch it, the quicker it will calm down, the redness will go away and you will begin to look like your amazingly beautiful self once again.

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Elen Laureano

All mascaras are not created equal. As you probably have already found out, there’s a huge difference between mascara formulations. If you don’t choose a good one, you could end up with, well, smudges, flakes, bare lashes, stains, lash imprints under your eyes and a lot worse. A bad mascara can not only ruin your day; it can make a horrible impression on the people you meet.

So, you’ve turned to false lashes. Falsies definitely have their place. They are ideal for holiday parties, photo ops and situations where you need to attract attention to those gorgeous eyes of yours. But falsies can look out of place at work, backyard barbeques and weekend garage sale expeditions. How to get that lush look without falsies? Here are lush mascaras that outlash falsies.

1. Avon Mega Effects Mascara

Avon isn’t the most luxurious brand out there, but they are certainly one of the oldest beauty brands in existence. They work hard to formulate the best beauty products for women, and their Avon Mega Effects Mascara hits it right on the nose. This mascara offers really noticeable lashes at a fraction of the cost of other luxury brands.

2. Cover Girl Clump Crusher Extensions Lash Blast Mascara

The one huge, gigantic drawback of using this mascara is that it gives you such lush lashes that your friends will accuse you of wearing falsies. The resulting thick and long lashes after each and every use will make you rethink wearing falsies at all.

3. Estee Lauder More Than Mascara

This lux brand delivers thick, long lashes in a matter of a few strokes. The brush wand is pretty unspectacular, so the formulation must be where all the magic resides. Promises that it won’t smudge, clump or flake are pretty solid as far as consumer responses have shown. This one is worth a try.

Depending on your budget and preference, one of the above mentioned lash products are sure to provide you with the results you’re looking for. Time to put your falsies into storage!

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Roxanne Desgagnés

Just as a solid, well-constructed foundation is crucial to the longevity of any building, your skin and its health are crucial when it comes to your overall appearance and beauty. This doesn’t always mean; however, that you have to depend on products in order to achieve healthy skin. There are other ways in which you can transform your skin, bringing out its natural glow and vitality, all without the use of products and they are as follows:

1. Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Nicklas Bajema

According to a dermatologist at Eastside Dermatology in Columbus, Ohio, the number one way to improve your skin is by keeping it out of the sun. When you’re out and about, wear a large hat or use an umbrella if you have to be in the sun. If you can, choose the shade instead. Don’t forget the importance of applying sunscreen! Finish your look with a big pair of fashion-forward sunglasses.

2. Ensure You Get Enough Sleep

Vladislav Muslakov

The adage “getting your beauty sleep” is actually based on fact. Not only will a sleep deficit lead to all kinds of negative characteristics, such as weight gain, your skin won’t look its best either. Your skin will look brighter and younger and you will reduce the presence of those dark circles and pesky bags that take up residence under your eyes when you begin to make sleep a priority. You might be wondering if in fact you are getting enough sleep at the present time. According to the National Sleep Foundation, if you are between the ages of 24 and 64 years-of-age, you should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep at night as a general rule. If you are regularly under that, you need to make sleep a priority.

3. Drink Enough Water

Monika Grabkowska

To imagine what happens to your skin, think of the way a grape looks when it gets dehydrated. Yep, like a wrinkly raisin. Okay, perhaps, your skin won’t look that bad just because you don’t drink enough water. It won’t look its best, though. That’s for sure. Therefore, another way to keep your skin looking youthful, smooth and clear, is to make sure you’re drinking enough water. The Institute of Medicine states that men should drink 13 cups of liquid and women should partake of nine cups of liquid on a daily basis. This is an average, though, so an increased activity level means you need more liquid.

By following the tips listed above, you can successfully improve your skin’s appearance all without the need of products.

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Daiga Ellaby

Look to the fall 2017 fashion shows and you’ll find the models are not just stomping down the runway in amazing clothes, but also in killer nails. Some of the fall nail art styles are out of this world and really only practical in the realm of high-end fashion (like scary long claws) but most of the trends are wearable for everyday fashion and even the envelope-pushing styles can be adapted for the real world.

Fashion-Forward Fall Manicure

If you are ready to go full fashion-forward with your fall manicure, go bold with bling. Draw inspiration from the 70s and get a manicure with metallic nail polish and glittery disco ball appliques. To wear this trend toned down, ask for the appliques on a single accent nail on each hand. Bold 70s colors are also on trend. Ask for rainbow color block tips, and if you really want your nails to make a statement, add tassels, feathers or beads.

Office-Friendly Fall Manicure

Some jobs aren’t going to let tassels and rainbow colors fly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the latest looks for an office-friendly fall manicure. In fact, nudes and neutrals are right on trend this season. To punch up your manicure with some work-appropriate nail art, ask for a black or glitter outline around a neutral base. If you love a French mani, go for black or neutral gray tips instead of white. And if your job is OK with a little sparkle, a smattering of gemstone appliques just below the cuticles instead of at the tips is what’s new and hot for fall.

Short Nail Styles

Since short nails have less real estate available for nail art, choose styles that provide an elongated look. Just as pinstripe pants help short women appear taller, the trend of a single vertical line in the middle of each nail gives the appearance of length. Long triangles create the same effect and can tie into the color block trend. When blank space is left between the lines, horizontal and chevron stripes look fabulous on short nails. If you have extra short nails, instead of filling the space with art, ask the nail technician to paint each nail in a slightly different shade from the same color family for a cool ombre effect.

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