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Caucasian woman with brown eyes with yellow flowers wreath around her head

Looking for a subtle, inexpensive change that can transform your entire look? Eyebrow tinting can help you achieve full-looking brows that help to frame the eyes and give an overall polished look. Many women can benefit from eyebrow tinting, including individuals with sparse or light-colored brows. While eyebrow pencils work to fill and darken pale or spotty eyebrows, the results are temporary. Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent fix that can give long-lasting results. Learn more about the eyelash tinting process and its benefits.


Eyelash Tinting Process

Eyelash tinting is a quick and pain-free process that can provide amazing results if performed by an experienced professional. During a brow tinting session, Vaseline or another barrier product is applied to the skin surrounding the eyebrows to protect the skin from becoming discolored or irritated from the dye.

The tint in the desired color is then applied directly to the eyebrows and left to set for approximately 10 minutes. A second coat is then applied to achieve the final hue. After the brows have had an opportunity to set, any excess dye is rinsed away with a saline solution and the eye area is gently wiped clean.

Benefits of Tinted Brows

Tinting your eyebrows can provide numerous aesthetic benefits. Fuller, darker brows can enhance the general appearance of your eyes, especially if your previous brows were spotty or light-colored. Tinting is also beneficial to women who have sensitivities to traditional makeup, as well as those who frequently enjoy water sports.

Close-up of woman eye with beautiful arabic makeup

If you want to wake up each morning with beautifully manicured brows, eyebrow tinting can help make it happen. The tint generally lasts about 6 to 8 weeks before the process must be redone. Exposure to sunlight, bleaching elements, and other environmental factors can affect the lifespan of the tint. For more information about eyebrow tinting or to schedule an appointment, contact a spa or salon in your area that offers this service.


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Sexy brunette in front of mirror putting mascara makeup in darkness

When it comes to mascara, we’re all used to the kind in the plastic tube that slowly hardens up over time. Soon enough we’re desperately brushing on gritty, clumpy mascara and planning our next trip to the drugstore.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Good news, my friends: Cake mascara is the answer. It’s more sanitary than tube mascara, because you wash the brush every time, and clumps far less for the same reason. You can fly with it, since it has no liquid until you use it, and its easy to blend just with water … although you may also add a product such as Lock & Seal for extra smudge-proof protection.

And now without further ado, here are five cake mascaras to try today.

Bésame Cosmetics

This brown cake mascara not only goes on smoothly, it looks super natural. Since the majority of us actually have dark brown, not black, eyelashes, it mimics a no-makeup effect … only with longer, darker lashes, of course!


La Femme Pro

Available in both black and brown, this brand of mascara is lengthening, fast-drying and holds curl well. If you don’t like the brushes it comes with, use a brow groomer.

Longcils Boncza

In a cute minty green case with a mirrored inside, this classic cake mascara will make you feel like a Bond girl. The brush supplied provides a nice, even coating, but again, you can always use your own.


Keeping It Natural Vegan Mascara

If you want to be as healthy and kind to your body as possible, you might try a vegan cake mascara from Keeping It Natural.


For a dark, dramatic effect, you’ll want cake mascara from CosplaySupplies. Not only does it do its job, its clever little case reminds you of the theater (pronounced thee-ah-tah, of course!).

Next time you’re shopping for mascara, consider this alternate route to beautiful, sleek, clump-free lashes.

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Double exposure portrait of beautiful young woman combined with image of moon in the night sky

Life gets busy, and transitions are important. Your all-day beauty plan needn’t be hindered by morning or nighttime routines—and the best beauty options accommodate for overhead sun and mood lighting. From morning to night, we’ve got you covered. Check out these dawn-‘til-dusk beauty steps. You won’t be disappointed:

Step One: Prime it Up

Your primer protect’s your face’s makeup all, and a solid primer can make the difference between runny makeup and day-long beauty. They also protect your face’s complexion. If you’re on the run, and if you’re changing destinations quickly, a well-applied foundation is your friend.

Depending upon your skin type, all-natural primers work wonders for longevity and rejuvenating looks. For a little extra “beauty bump”, try applying a slightly tinted primer. It’ll do wonders for afternoon-to-night transitions.

Step Two: Concealer is Your Friend

Beautiful blond woman applying concealer around eyes

Sure, concealer is always helpful, but we’re considering high shade variety, here. You might find yourself at a restaurant, at the beach, at a park or in a movie. Your all-day beauty plan deserves some consistency, and some face-brightening concealer is your friend.

For a moderate, consistent application, dab the concealer from your eye’s inner to outer corners. The key, here, is to create a brighter complexion—one capable of heightening your nighttime allure without ruining your daytime sheen. Working inside to outside masks your face’s contours and dark circles. It covers your pores and red spots, too.

Step Three: Target the Brows

Close-up portrait of young beautiful blonde woman with smoky eyes make-up

Above all, be sure to maintain your eyebrows. Sleek, slim eyebrows are vital for maintaining a beautiful, day to night appearance. They’re constantly at war with onlookers, and they’re one of your face’s “contour areas”. As overhead lighting changes, so too will the shadows on your face. Well-groomed eyebrows can appear classy at noon and sharp at night. Don’t neglect them.

While shadows and makeup consistency are big-hitting beauty tools, don’t neglect classic pastel colors. From work to play, light hues tend to transition well. Sometimes, you’ll need to cut corners—but that’s alright. No one is perfect, but you’ll still be one step ahead of the schedule, from noon until nighttime.


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Beautiful young woman in elegant hat and sunglasses holding umbrella over sky.

Weather can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Humid weather can cause hair to frizz and skin to break out while acrid weather can make your hair and skin overly dry. These tips will help you maintain climate controlled beauty no matter the weather.

For Humid Weather

woman grabbing her tangled hair in frustration on grey background

Big hair might have been cool in the ‘80s but not so much now – humidity is no respecter of this era and your before you know it your hair has its own zip code. Control those locks with some good anti-frizz products. Keeping your hair well hydrated will help prevent frizz as well. Humidity frizz is caused when your hair absorbs the moisture in the air because it is moisture deprived. Well hydrated hair is tamer hair.

Go lighter on your skincare routine. Opt for foaming gels to cleanse and oil free moisturizers (with at least an SPF of 15). Use a gentle exfoliator but don’t over exfoliate – or over cleanse for that matter. Skin that is overworked tends to break out more. Humidity can be a wonderful skin preserving ally when it comes to aging, when you know how to work it to your advantage.

For Arid Weather

Portrait of young beautiful woman with problem dry skin

Arid climates and the dry winter months in other regions can cause extensive drying of your hair and skin. If you want your hair to weather the weather, try using an olive oil and egg treatment. Beat two eggs and mix in two or three tablespoons of olive oil (organic, extra virgin). Put it on your hair, concentrating on the ends and let it sit for about a half hour. Rinse it out with an apple cider vinegar (raw, unfiltered) rinse or shampoo and condition as usual. Your locks will love you.

Moisturizer is key to keeping dry skin at bay. Moisturize your entire body, paying extra attention to lips, elbows, knees, hands, feel, and, of course, your face. You may want to use a richer moisturizer on your body and a water based one for your face, particularly if you are acne prone.

Finally, drink plenty of water and get extra doses of vitamin C. Vitamin C is tissue building and can help combat the signs of aging that tend to come with dry skin or living in a dry climate. Water will keep you hydrated which in turn will help keep your skin moist and supple.

For Changing Weather

As weather changes or as you move from one climate to another, there are four things that you should do regardless: use sunscreen, moisturize, tone, and exfoliate. It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily or dry, these three things will help keep your skin beautiful. Use products that are appropriate for your skin type and don’t overdo it. Be kind to your skin and it will reward you with beauty and vibrance for years to come.

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Woman in sarong on a coconut tree at the beach in Thailand

Coconut oil is pretty hot right now. People are cooking with it, eating it, and doing “oil pulling” with it. OK, we get it. It’s good for your health – but that’s on the inside. Did you know that this wonderful smelling oil is actually a natural beauty product?

Coconut Oil for Natural Beauty

Attractive young woman with coconut. Closeup. Isolated on white.

Moisturize your skin, deep condition your hair, shave your legs, remove your make up, and use it on your face for a healthy glow. What can’t coconut oil do?

Well, it is not a universal cure all. It is a wonderful moisturizer for your skin but some people still break out. True, it does have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties, but some skin can’t take the oil. You don’t want to miss out though, so try some and see how it does for you.

How do you use Coconut Oil?

As a moisturizer, put it on your hands, feet, body, and even your face. It doesn’t take much so use just a dab. Keep a bottle by your bed, in the bathroom, and in the kitchen. Use it like hand lotion. You will find that it not only smoothes and moisturizes but also brightens your skin, giving it a healthy glow. When you want to deep condition your hair, coconut oil gets the job done beautifully. It penetrates the hair shaft better than other oils so you get deeper moisturizing. Put it on your hair as you would any other deep conditioner – except it is like nothing you have ever used before. You can even dab a little on dry hair to tame fly aways or frizzies.

Young woman washing her long hair under the shower standing with her back to the camera rinsing it off under the jet of water with her head partially turned to the side over grey mosaic tiles

What kind of Coconut Oil do you Use?

Look for organic extra virgin coconut oil. You want to make sure that is had not been processed in any way such as bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated, or refined. The main reason to go organic is to avoid getting a GMO food. Ick! You only want pure, natural, and untampered coconut oil on your skin and hair – and in your body too.

Moisturizing Coconut Oil Scrub

Fresh coconut oil in glassware and wooden spoon on color wooden table background

Make your own scrub by combining ½ cup of melted, organic, extra virgin coconut oil with 1 cup of either white sugar, salt, or brown sugar – or mix them up. Add your favorite scent by mixing in a few drops of pure vanilla or your favorite essential oil. Use it when you wash your hands and when you bathe for glowing, soft skin.

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Young beautiful slim woman with fancy cat eye make-up and stylish hairdo over white background

“Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.”

If you’ve ever tried to apply winged eyeliner, then you probably got a kick out of that statement. Winged eyeliner, when applied correctly, can really make your eyes pop. However, it’s notoriously difficult to perfect, as achieving symmetrical wings on each eye takes a lot of practice. Give these genius hacks a try the next time you want to apply winged eyeliner.

“Connect the Dots”

Beautiful Model Applying Eyeliner Closeup On Eye

One of the biggest challenges of applying winged eyeliner is that of drawing perfectly straight lines with an eyeliner pen. To help guide the way, then, consider starting by drawing several dots with your eyeliner pen and then going back and connecting them. This will help to ensure symmetrical, straight lines without jagged edges or other imperfections.

Use a Business Card


Another great technique for perfecting your winged eyeliner application is to use a business card. Sounds crazy, but it works! By holding a business card at an angle at the corner of the eye, you can use the edge of the card essentially as a guide for drawing the wings at the perfect angle. Check out this video tutorial for a step-by-step guide as well as some other uses for business cards in your daily makeup routine.

Start With Pencil Liner

Different kinds of black eyeliners on white background

Finally, while eyeliner gel and eyeliner pen typically provide the best results when it comes to winged eyeliner, some women are better at using pencil eyeliner. If this applies to you, consider starting your winged eyeliner routine with an eyeliner pencil and then tracing over it and filling it in with eyeliner gel or liquid eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is a lot easier (and less messy) to remove than liquid eyeliner, so if you mess up on the initial outline, it won’t be as much of a hassle to start over.

Perfecting winged eyeliner will take some patience and practice. However, by giving some or all of these tips a try, you’ll be on your way to quick and easy winged eyeliner that’ll be the envy of every woman you walk by.