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Beautiful woman with collagen mask on face. Isolated on white.

Promises of younger, tighter, and more beautiful looking skin are around every corner. While anti-aging lotions, creams, and gels are the norm, some men and women have turned to unconventional treatments to appear more youthful. Take a look at some of these unusual anti-aging treatments created in the name of beauty.

1. Placenta Facials

One way to fight the clock is with regular placenta face masks. While costly, these natural masks use stem cells from sheep to boost collagen production and make the skin appear younger.

2. Vampire Face-Lifts

Another stem cell-formulated facial is known as the Vampire Face-lift. This revolutionary procedure works to fill in the hollows of your face and plumps wrinkles to attain a more youthful appearance, using the platelet rich plasma in your own blood.

Beauty woman giving botox injections.

3. Bee Venom Facials

Bee venom facials are all the buzz in the beauty industry. Considered to be ‘nature’s Botox,’ the organic facial claims to smooth wrinkles and tighten loose skin by boosting the production of elastin and collagen.

4. Vitamin IV Drops

One of the newest and most popular forms of anti-aging therapy is delivered via vitamin IV drops. During this procedure, nutrients are introduced into the blood stream, which works almost instantly to increase energy and immune strength, while benefiting skin.

5. Leech Therapy

Blood sucking leeches placed on the skin actually work to detoxify the blood, which helps to improve overall health. Part of the process involves first taking a turpentine bath, then shaving or waxing to remove hair before the leeches are placed.

Blood sucking leechs on the stomach, hirudo medicinalis

Searching for the most cutting-edge treatments and procedures in the beauty industry? Look no further, as these unusual health rituals have been deemed beneficial in reversing the aging process, which helps to reveal brilliant, younger looking skin.

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Tea bags sachets and a cup of teaInstead of spending a lot money on store-bought beauty remedies, head for your kitchen and take advantage of all the goodies stored. From yogurt and oatmeal to lemon and olive oil, use these natural ingredients in your skin care regimen.

Grab some oatmeal and yogurt and mix up a facial mask. With its fat, yogurt is an excellent moisturizer while the oatmeal will act as an exfoliant. It’s a double whammy with an oatmeal and yogurt facial mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes, wipe off with a damp cloth and rejuvenate the skin.

Create a brown sugar facial scrub with some brown sugar, honey and olive oil. It will leave the skin glowing and smooth. Just use lukewarm water to scrub it on and rinse it off. Tea bags work well for dark and puffy under-eye circles. Its tannins and caffeine will make tired eyes look refreshed. Steep two tea bags in boiling water, cool it in the fridge and place a bag over each eye for 10 minutes.

Turn to garlic to ward off unfriendly visitors like pimples. Its antioxidant properties help heal pimples and prevent new ones from forming. Squeeze some garlic juice from a clove and apply directly to pimples. And if the smell bothers you, just soak the garlic clove in milk for an hour.

Fresh Avocado Sliced Over Vintage Wooden Background Close Up. RiGot age spots? Turn to the superfood of avocados. Mash up the avocado for a mask and rub it on the skin. It helps lighten age spots. Plus, avocados are an intense moisturizer for the skin. Grab some sour cream for a healthy, glowing complexion. It has lactic acid to smooth and nourish the skin gently. Just apply a tablespoon of sour cream and leave it on for 20 minutes.

For an oily complexion, use some cornstarch. Pat it on like a facial powder. Cornstarch will keep the complexion matte and shine free all day long. It only takes a few swipes to get the job done.

These are just a few of the beauty ingredient hidden in a kitchen. Others include cucumbers, baking soda and onions. Save money and use these beauty ingredients right from the kitchen.

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Say goodbye to winter and hello to a fresh season of fun beauty trends and upbeat hairstyles. This spring, there are a number of hair highlight and color trends that are quickly gaining attention. These looks are ultra-bold, sophisticated, and perfect for the new spring season. Try out these cool hues in the upcoming months.

1. Pastel Highlights

Nothing says spring like pretty pastels. These light and delicate pigments look great in any shade of hair, and really make a statement. If you’re interested in trying a cotton candy hue, consider sunny yellow, pearl pink, sky blue, sea green, or pale lavender.

Fashion Model With Dyed Hair

2. Red Highlights

Rich red highlights range from vibrant, fire-engine hues to more subtle copper varieties. This spring, change up your look by incorporating red into your blonde or brunette locks. Red highlights are bested suited for individuals with medium skin tones.

Portrait Of A Beautiful Girl With Dyed Hair, Professional Hair C

3. Caramel Highlights

Give your tresses a warm, caramel tone by adding highlights throughout. Caramel tones stand out best against dark blonde to brown hair. When adding caramel highlights to your hair, be careful not to go too dark or too light – find that perfect contrast.

Hairdresser salon. Beautiful girl with new hairstyle

4. Ombre Highlights

Ombre has been in style for a number of seasons now. The multi-tone look is so popular due to its impressive versatility and ridiculously low maintenance. Add pink, chocolately brown, blonde, or even full-on platinum to really draw attention.

Fashionable Woman Wearing A Blue Floral Print Dress, Gold Shoes

5. Black Highlights

Blondes can really make a statement this spring by following the highly favored color-blocking trend. A blonde and black color combination can be achieved in a number of ways, from horizontal highlighting to dip dying and paneling.

Beauty Fashion Girl black and white style. Long White Hair with

This spring, give yourself a hair makeover. Highlights are an easy and inexpensive way to totally transform your look. Depending on your hair color, length, texture, and style, there are numerous highlight hues to try.

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From summer festivals to city streets, the boho trend is having a major moment. One of its favorite hairstyle trends, the boho wave, features lightly wavy hair without a discernable curl pattern. Let Vagaro’s top hairstylists teach you how to get this look and what products to use to keep it.

smiling young woman with long curly hair jump  in yellow summerBoho Waves Tutorial

  1. Starting with dry hair, spritz a bit of wax through your locks to add some texture.
  2. Using any size curling iron, wrap a small section of hair around the curling iron barrel, wrapping toward your face and not away. Then use your fingers to unwrap the hair from the barrel and re-wrap it around the curling iron, this time wrapping away from your face. Keep it there until the hair feels just barely hot, then unwrap.
  3. What you’ll get from double-wrapping your hair like this is a light, messy wave. It should not have big curl loops, but it should not be straight either. Voila, the boho wave.
  4. Now that you know what to do, repeat it throughout your mane to create this super simple style. To finish the style, fluff your hair with your fingers, holding them wide to give the curls more of a disheveled style. Then check yourself in the mirror, and add a little more wax to hold the look.


young woman wearing hat, sunglasses, red scarf and jacket, outdoTips for Maintaining Boho Waves

To give your look staying power, use a texture spray that offers lasting hold and texture. To define curls more, try a serum.

One secret to this style is that it wears well in a few different ways. You love it down, but you can also pull the hair half back. When this look is on the way out, you can pull your locks back into a low bun for a messy chic style.

For more hairstyle tutorials, or to get your hair done for that special event, browse Vagaro to find stylists near you.

There are three main parts of the face that people look at when first speaking with someone; the nose, lips and eyes.  These also tend to be the three parts that you most likely study when looking in the mirror at yourself.  So it probably doesn’t come at any surprise that you’ve noticed the older you get, the darker your lips get too.  Fortunately, though, there are several tips you can follow to lighten your dark lips.

1) Avoid activities that darken your lips

Do you smoke?  Get in the tanning bed on a regular basis?  Drink a lot of cokes?  All of these activities can greatly darken your lips, and don’t forget they are extremely harmful to your overall health, as well.  This is why you should do your best to avoid these activities, and after a month or so, you’ll start to notice your lips will lighten in color.

2) Sleep with honey on your lips

You can’t get much sweeter than sleeping with your honey on your lips, right?  This miracle substance can help lighten your lip color, so every night before going to bed, lather your lips with honey and let it dry.  Sleep with it on all night long and don’t wash it off.

sensual lips with honey closeup

3) Make your own lip balm

You might be tempted to smother your lips with lip balm on a daily basis, which is a good thing as long as you’re smothering them with the right balm, which includes mixing two tbsp of petroleum jelly with a single tbsp of strawberry juice.  Lather your lips with this balm all day and you’ll notice lighter-colored lips in less than a month.

Lip Balms

4) Eats lots of strawberries and raspberries

Instead of snacking on chips and popcorn, why not eat a bit healthier?  Snacking on strawberries and raspberries is not only good for lightening the color of your lips, but both of these fruits are renowned for many other health benefits, too.

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Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

You go to great lengths to protect, maintain and style your hair. So don’t let the time you spend sleeping counteract all of the effort you put in during the day. Instead, use your sleep time to improve the quality of your hair. No, you don’t have to wrap your locks a certain way or add a product to your tresses. To protect your hair, simply lay your head down on a silk pillowcase every time you’re ready to head into dreamland.

Portrait Of Young Woman Lying In Bed With Hair Spread Around

The Problem With Regular Fabrics

Bad Hair Day

You might make beauty sleep a priority, but your sleep sessions can actually damage your hair if you’re using cotton pillowcases. Cotton is a standard choice for pillowcases, but it’s not your best bet for your hair. Even high cotton thread counts and specialty cottons won’t provide the same benefits as silk. That’s because your hair strands can bend, catch and rub on cotton and other course fabrics. Beyond the dreaded bedhead, these actions can cause damage to your hair, including stuck-together strands, frizzy locks, breakage and split ends.


Try Smooth Silk Instead

Silk is a natural fabric made by silkworms. This sustainable, hypoallergenic fabric has a smooth consistency that helps your hair slide on the pillowcase instead of getting stuck, protecting your hair while you sleep every night. The best silk to choose for your hair is mulberry silk with a charmeuse weave. When you make this simple switch, your hair can be as silky as the pillowcase. Also, you will wake up with the same hair style you went to bed with, which is perfect whether you simply straightened your hair or you created an elaborate updo.


When you go to bed, don’t reverse the constant care you give your hair. Choose a silk pillowcase to get real beauty sleep for your tresses.

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