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Until very recently, an online search for “snails” would yield plenty of tips for removing the slimy suckers from your garden and a few escargot recipes, but not much else. Recently, though, these garden critters are making waves in a whole new industry – skincare.

Why are beauty brands from the US and around the world suddenly touting snail essence and snail based products to customers? A look at the goop that snails leave behind – and the way it interacts with human skin – reveals why the gastropods are suddenly so popular.

Gastropods Making a Mark on the Beauty Industry

Snail essence is not a particularly new trend, according to ABC news, snails were used for skin treatments by ancient Greeks. The new wave of snail based products began today in Korea and France; with big brands shelling out lots of cash for the tiny critters.  High end salons are also offering “Escarglow” facials that offer all of the benefits of snail mucin in a spa environment.

Is it Really from Snails?

It is. When snails get upset and defensive, they emit a thick, gooey fluid to protect themselves; this mucin can help benefit human skin in a variety of ways, according to dermatologist Tabasum Mir, speaking to the Huffington Post. This snail goo, or mucin contains hydrolauric acid and can hydrate skin, prevent the signs of again and even improve the appearance of scars or wrinkles. In one study, 25 participants tried snail mucin cream and found that they had improved texture and fewer wrinkles after 12 weeks.

Are Snail Products Worth Buying?

Possibly. For home use, the mucin in products may not be as concentrated as it needs to be to gain the advertised effects. Salon use is likely better, since products for professional application are more concentrated and likely contain higher amounts of beneficial mucin. The bottom line? Snail products could be beneficial for home use over time, but due to differences in concentration and even snail types, your best bet is a visit to your local spa or salon for a facial or for products designed for professional use.

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Body scrubs are great at exfoliating your skin. Most often, people use them in the shower, but you can use them anytime you feel like you need to slough away dead skin cells or to renew your skin’s glow. With the popularity of body scrubs, there are lots of formulations to try. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in body scrubs, how they work and how best to use them.

How Are Body Scrubs Formulated?

The primary role of a body scrub is to rid the skin of dead surface cells. After use, your skin will be instantly softer, smoother, and feel great to touch. Since body scrubs have to slough away dead cells, they all contain some kind of granular ingredient. For this purpose, most body scrubs contain either salt, sugar, or a combination of both. Since salt and sugar both dissolve in water, they are equally good as a body scrub ingredient. Other granular substances commonly used in body scrubs include seeds and even ground fruit pits.

Body scrubs also contain an emollient, because the secondary purpose of a body scrub is to leave skin softer, and the granular ingredient won’t do that alone. So body scrubs also contain an oil such as almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, shea nut oil, or jojoba oil. Many body scrubs contain not one, but a combination of oils to soften and moisturize skin. Finally, if your body scrub brand claims to have cleansing properties, it most likely will contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a gentle foaming ingredient.

How Body Scrubs Work

Body scrubs work by acting like a natural loofah on your skin. The granular ingredients slough away dead skin cells, while the emollients provide a barrier to keep moisture in your skin, and smooth the surface. This is why regular use of a body scrub not only softens skin right after your shower, but for the long term, too.

How to Use Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are perfect for use in the shower, but for best results, wait until the end of your shower to apply. That’s when dead skin cells are more easily removed. You can also use a body scrub effectively after a sauna, when pores are open.

To apply a body scrub, use only your hands. Using a loofah or scrubby might be too rough on skin. Firm but gentle pressure in a circular motion with your bare hands is sufficient to get good results from any body scrub.

Choosing a body scrub that’s right for you really has to do with the ingredients, the scent and the consistency. Opt for on you’ll enjoy using, and that gives you the results you’re hoping for.

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Whether you are getting a new head shot for your business portfolio, are assisting a bride-to-be prepare for her photo session, you want to look your very best. One crucial aspect that demands consideration and focus is makeup. A regular day-to-day makeup routine may not translate well in a photo; you’ll need to step it up a bit.

1. Prep Skin Well

According to Fashion Magazine, the first step to any great look is great skin. Therefore, the day before the photo session, make sure the model understands they will need to clean their skin well. Go with a gently abrasive scrub or non-abrasive liquid for cleansing. If their skin is naturally dry, apply moisturizer the day of your session before beginning makeup application. If they have naturally oily skin, you can skip the moisturizer altogether.

2. Build Foundation

Blend your foundation evenly with a brush then use concealer to hit any places you think still need work. Regan Rabanal, who is the senior artist at MAC Cosmetics, said the following about this step, “Apply foundation first and then conceal the problem areas that still stand out. Usually, the best areas to conceal are around your nostrils, the shallow area underneath your eye and into any laugh lines. Use a minimal amount of concealer and blend well.”   Finally, apply translucent powder to remove shine.

3. Move on to the Eyes

To really get those eyes to pop in photos, choose three different shadows: a neutral color close to your skin tone, and one that is darker and a highlighting color. This will make your eyes appear larger and brighter. Use the neutral color over the eye lid, the darker color in the crease and the highlighter on the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. Don’t forget to line your eyes and fill in your eyebrows as well. Try fake eyelashes to for more edge!

4. Finish it Off With Lipstick

To get the color to stay put, use a lip brush to press the color into the lips. Nude is a great option with a slight shade; nothing too dramatic– just saturated and symmetrical lips.

The main thing to remember about makeup for every photo session is to blend, blend, blend! The camera will find any clumps or smudges. If you’re interested in phenomenal makeup job for wedding or engagement photos, it’s absolutely worth the investment having a professional makeup artist do it for you. Make sure you do a practice run before the day of your photo shoot to ensure you and your makeup artist are on the same page.

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In the age of rampant Google searches and WebMD, everyone solves their own skin care issues. You type in a list of symptoms or concerns and…Voila! It spits out a list of possible solutions.

The internet is genius, but it has its limitations.

For instance, imagine that you are a person of color who has sensitive skin, but also wants some anti-aging benefits. How do you address all the unique needs of your skin without using a million different products (and possibly having irritation and other undesirable reactions)? Guessing or trial and error are both options.

Luckily, you can accomplish this more easily by seeing a professional esthetician for personalized skin care advice.

What is an Esthetician?

An esthetician (or aesthetician) is a licensed health and wellness professional who has advanced knowledge in beauty and skin care. This person is specially trained in performing a variety of treatments and procedures that not only address troublesome skin care problems, but also promotes healthier, more radiant skin in the process. These professionals work with clients to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, alleviate acne breakouts, and even out and smooth complexion issues.

Estheticians may do the following treatments:

  • acne treatments
  • body scrubs
  • chemical peels
  • facial massages
  • facials
  • hair removal (waxing, threading, and chemical treatments)
  • laser resurfacing
  • makeup applications
  • microdermabrasion

Reasons to See an Esthetician for Personalized Skin Care Advice

In addition to providing a variety of skin care treatment and procedures, estheticians also offer personalized skin care consultations. Here are just a few advantages of getting a personalized consultation:

Say “goodbye” to product overwhelm. You can’t figure out which products are best for your skin. Perhaps they work okay for a while and then lose their effectiveness. An esthetician can do the work for you in selecting the products that best suit your skin.

Figure out crazy skin issues. If you have a mixture of skin types or a variety of skin issues, an esthetician can design an individualized plan using custom skin care products that address your skin’s every need.

Wear less makeup. Many people with troublesome skin use makeup to cover problems they can’t seem to resolve. When you have your skin evaluated by an esthetician, this professional will recommend the best products and regimens to help you get clearer more youthful-looking skin. With clearer skin, you can wear less makeup!

Everyone’s skin is different. That’s why everyone deserves a one-on-one skin care consultation with a professional who understands how to keep skin looking healthy and gorgeous.

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From mayonnaise hair masks to fish pedicures and even leech facials, odd beauty products and hacks are nothing new. One high ticket skincare line is making waves with a “special’ ingredient, though – super-pricey beauty brand Hermetise includes cat feces as a key ingredient in their skin care lineup.

It’s a Big Investment

Yes, really. Hermetise’s Kopi Luwak Anti-Pollution Oxygen Brightening Treatment uses several key ingredients, including cat poop, in their formula. This product has a pretty steep price tag for something born in a litter box—if you want to try this treatment, you’ll need to fork over about $1,600 for a single container. In addition to some feline byproducts, the Brightening Treatment contains gold and some of the most expensive coffee in the world.

The Asian Civet’s Poop includes Luxurious Coffee Beans

The cats producing the thousand-dollar poo are not your ordinary house cat. The cat responsible for the pricey poop is the Asian Civet, whose natural diet includes high end coffee beans. Civet cats hang out around coffee plantations and gobble up the raw beams. They digest the beans, pass them out and the farmer gathers up the pricey poop for the beauty industry.

Civet poop is found to tighten the skin, brighten and even skin tone and provide a more stable pH balance and is a key ingredient in one step of Hermetise’s three-part skin care regimen. You’re not going to save much money if you skip that cat poop step though, each component costs about $1,600 – or you can save and buy all three parts for a bargain price – just $4995.

Not sure about this process? Your local salon or spa might have some skin care suggestions that rival the benefits of the cat-poop cream, minus the poop and the hefty price tag.

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It is said that “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” However, getting a shot that is worthy of 1,000 mentions is easier said than done. In fact, many photos are unflattering at best and downright horrible at worst. Thankfully, there are some ways you can make your next shot the best yet by implementing the following tips:

Avoid Head-on Poses

It is a good idea to angle your face when snapping a photo. If you look head on into the camera, it can cause your face to look larger or wider than it actually is in reality. If you stand just the slightest bit sideways and tilt your chin, your face will appear thinner.

Pose Your Body

You might assume this tip goes without saying, but many people neglect this simple trick. When posing for a photo, you should always…well…pose. The most attractive way to pose is to position your body 45 degrees. Prop the arm that is closest to the camera on your hip (this keeps the upper arm from flattening out and looking larger than it is in reality) and place one foot in front of the other. Your front foot should be slightly pointed. Keep your weight on your back leg. If you want a visual reference to help you better understand this pose, think of all the red carpet appearances you have seen from celebrities. This is the classic “red carpet pose.”

Be Yourself

Whether you are planning on a having a professional photo session or you are posing for a photo with friends, it’s important to remember to be yourself.  When choosing your wardrobe, make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are uncomfortable, it will come across in the photo according to Commercial Portrait Photographer Scott R. Kline.

Avoid Patterns

Wearing patterned clothing is normally fine. After all, bold, colorful patterns are a great way to show your personality and have fun with your clothes. However, when it comes to a photo, you need to tone it down just a bit. Instead of patterns, keep it simple with solid colors. Solids simply photograph better than patterns.

The Eye Sees Colors Differently

It’s normal for you to see yourself one way in the mirror but look completely different in a photo according to gizmodo.com. This is due to various reasons including the fact that the camera processes your face differently. The way the flash hits your skin, the way either natural or artificial light alters your appearance and many other factors play into how you look in a photo.