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Henri Meilhac

Pixie cuts can be the best thing to ever happen or your worst nightmare. Unfortunately, the main downside about a bad pixie cut is that it’s going to take a long time to grow out. Where at all possible, you should avoid the pain of this period by making sure you really want that pixie cut in the first place, and then making a solid plan to ensure it always looks cute.

1. Work with Your Hair Type

Tanja Heffner

Want to make sure your pixie cut is pixie cute rather than a pixie cut-astrophe? Work with your hair type. This cannot be overstated, so let’s say it again: Work with your hair type. If you have very curly hair, don’t plan for a longer style, because in the rain or humidity you will no longer have a pixie cut: You will have a fur ball. Cut it short and save the grief.

2. Plan Your Products

No matter what your hair type, you want products that work with them. If your hair is straight and fine, you won’t have humidity troubles, but you might need some product to add a body boost and avoid the plastered-to-head helmet look.

3. Make a Styling Plan

In addition to getting the right cut and products, you’ll need to make a styling plan. The timing of your trims and cuts, your shampoo schedule and other factors all play in to the maintenance of your style, so know what they are ahead of time for best results.

4. Consult Your Stylist First


No matter what you do, always talk to your stylist before making a decision. If they warn you against something, listen. If you don’t, they can’t be held responsible … and you are the one who will have to deal with a lengthy grow-out period.

While no plan of action can ever fully ensure positive results, you can do your best by speaking to your stylist beforehand and planning for hair care afterward. That way, you have the best chance of looking in the mirror and smiling every morning … rather than looking in the mirror and crawling right back into bed.

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Tierra Benton

To achieve a look worthy of the urban chic or hipster label, you have to create a handy beard grooming kit or beard care arsenal. Otherwise, you will drift into the “Duck Dynasty” look. No sweat; we’ve put together a humble list of various products for a healthy beard.

1. Beard Trimmer


In order to keep your beard looking its best, you will need a good beard trimmer. While it’s true you can forgo the use of a typical razor when growing out your beard, you will still need to trim your facial hair to create your ideal beard shape. You will also need to trim your sideburns and the hair that tends to grow down your neck. One good beard trimming option recommended by Esquire is this Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Rechargeable Electric Beard Trimmer, which retails for around $69.99.

2. Beard Oil

According to the Balding Beard’s site, “beard oil is a must-have for every man who’s serious about growing a great beard. Not just ‘a beard’ but a great one.”

Beard oil is created to mimic the natural oils of your skin. The skin underneath your beard can become itchy, dry and even result in annoying beard dandruff (beardruff). One good beard oil option is Tree Ranger Beard Oil by Beard Brand, it retails for around $25 and was recommended by Esquire.

3. Beard Balm

Beard balm is basically a leave-in conditioner that conditions, moisturizes and softens the beard. According to Balding Beards, one of the best beard balm products on the market is the Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner. This particular product retails for around $12.23.

4. Beard Brush

Keeping your beard tamed requires regular brushing. This doesn’t mean using your wife or girlfriends hairbrush. Balding Beard recommends the ZilberHaar Beard Brush that retails for around $17.99.

The products listed above are just a few that you should have as part of your beard care arsenal. Depend on these tools to keep your beard looking amazing.

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Tim Stief

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to dress up your locks in a fall-appropriate fashion. But how? Well, here’s one idea: Put some headbands into the rotation. If you’re not quite sure how to proceed, that’s okay. Try these five ideas.

1. With a Braid

Braids are adorable any time of year, and a headband just takes them to the next level. Pro tip: Put the headband in first, leaving a few locks of hair in front of the band, then braid your hair up once it’s in place. It looks much more natural that way.

2. With A Sporty Updo

Wearing a sportier headband or scarf-as-headband is a perfect effect for an I-couldn’t-be-bothered updo. Whether you just tug every strand into a tight ponytail or go for the effortless messy bun, this is a great way to turn lazy into statement.

3. With Curls

Nothing looks as adorable as loose curls swept back by a headband. Style your hair at least 30 minutes before putting the headband in to give the curls time to relax and set. That way, when you sweep them back, the effect will be much more natural. Also, if you decide to take it out later (maybe because it’s pinching your ears), you won’t be left with a super-obvious line where the headband set into your hair.

4. With Casual Hair

Whether you opt for a simple straightened style or grab your last chance for beachy locks before winter sets in, a thicker headband with laid-back hair is always a good look. You can either go for the full-on sweatband (you know, the cute kind), or choose a thicker cloth-covered hairband.

5. With Another Headband

No, the double headband style is not dead! For anyone over the age of 15, however, this must be approached carefully. Choose two slim headbands of the same color – for instance, two metal wire hairbands or two skinny plastic black headbands – and place them close to one another, but about an inch apart. Violà! Effortless chic.

Once you do a bit of experimenting, dressing up your hairdo will be as simple as reaching for your favorite hairband and going on your way. Happy fall!

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Fall is nearly upon us! This summer was a scorcher, which probably meant that you couldn’t do much with your hair besides pin it up away from your face. Are you in the mood for a hair change after this long, balmy season? Get in on these hot fall hair trends now to be ahead of the curve later.


Yes, you may be tired of pulling your hair back after doing it all summer, but it’s worth it to wear one of these beautiful braids. No matter how you want to wear your hair, like a side braid, braided bun, or braiding just a portion of your locks, you’re good to go this fall!

Fantasy hair color

Nothing ruins fantasy hair color faster than a trip to the beach or a dip in the pool. Now that summer is behind us, indulge your inner rock star with a fun, fantastical hair dye. Pastel colors are a nice way to try this trend without diving right in, or you can go full force with a show-stopping green, purple, or blue.

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Now that the temperatures are cooling off, you don’t have to worry about your bangs sticking to your sweaty forehead all day. Not only will these keep your face warm in the chillier months, but bangs are utterly timeless and totally chic.

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Luscious Curls

Get out the curling iron if your hair is straight, and curly-haired girls, put down that hair straightener! Embrace your natural hair with big, wild, bouncy curls that are full of life.


Bobs are high-maintenance haircuts. You have to keep getting them trimmed to avoid them transforming into an unfortunate mullet (yuck). Lobs, or longer bobs, are a happy medium. They look better the more they grow out, so you can get your autumn haircut and then not have to worry again until about Thanksgiving.

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Andrew Ly

Mermaid hair is the ultimate in long wavy tresses that look impossible to attain. It’s that look of hair that’s wild; that’s been growing in the magical underworld of the sea for as long as time existed. This look actually is nearly impossible to achieve on your own. The intricate styling of mermaid hair requires the expert hands of a professional hairstylist. There are several different variations of this exotic look, and they’re all fun to experiment and play around with, depending on the occasion. Here are two mermaid hair ideas to ask your hairstylist to do.

The Mermaid Reverse French Braid

Even mermaids need to control their flowing locks every now and again. The Mermaid Braid is one of those practical ways. With the Mermaid Braid, the hair is twisted into a reverse French braid instead of the traditional French braid. The effect is just unusual enough that people will take notice, but not so different that you can’t wear it to formal venues.

Midnight Mermaid Hair

At midnight, mermaid hair glistens with a combination of the light of the moon and the iridescence of beds of pearls and coral reefs beneath the sea. This stunning look can be achieved by your talented hair stylist by using the popular ombre hair painting technique and metallic blues and greens coloring hues. You can go all out and have the whole bottom half of your hair in the metallic hues, or your stylist can weave in the standout colors throughout your strands from the midway point and then down to the ends. It all depends on how glamorous you want your Midnight Mermaid Hair to be.

Mermaid hair is perfect for weddings, birthdays, Halloween, and other fun events where creativity and beauty are welcomed. And the best thing about mermaid hair is you don’t have to be constrained with your natural head of hair. Your stylist can provide falls, extensions and full-on wigs to get that full, luscious look of a full-fledged mermaid!

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Isi Akahome

When is the last time you thought about the way you use your hair conditioner? If you’re like most people, it was probably not long after you graduated from using “No More Tears.” Once you read the directions on the back of a bottle of hair conditioner the first few times, you’re all set, right? After all, it’s not rocket science. You put a dime-sized dollop in your hand, slather it on, rinse, and go. Not so fast. Here are the issues that can arise when you misuse hair conditioner, as well as the right way to do it.

You’re Using Too Much


Christopher Campbell

Over time, that dime-sized dollop has ballooned into a quarter-sized dollop or maybe even a half-dollar size. In the case of hair conditioner, a little goes a long way. Unless you’re rocking Rapunzel locks, it’s likely that you really need to dial back the amount of conditioner you’re piling on your head in the shower.

When you use too much conditioner, what happens is that you end up coating your hair strands, and it’s much harder to rinse out. Ultimately, the conditioner ends up attracting debris from the environment, making your hair dirtier, sooner. Then you have to wash it more often to get rid of the debris, use too much conditioner again, and the vicious cycle continues. Ever wonder why your hair gets so dirty? The conditioner might be too blame if you’re using too much of it.

You’re Blocking Your Hair Follicles

Your hair grows out of follicles that are similar to the pores in your skin. These follicles need nourishment and oxygen in order to retain healthy function. The problem happens when you slather on all that conditioner into your scalp and fail to rinse it all off. The hair follicles are literally smothered beneath the viscous layer of conditioner. They get blocked and stop functioning properly. This can result in thinning hair, hair fallout or hair that just doesn’t seem to grow as fast as it should.

The Right Way to Use Hair Conditioner

First, use less of it. Dispense only a dime-sized dollop and rub it between your palms. Run your hands gently down your hair strands, starting from about midway down. Your objective is to condition the ends, not the scalp. Let the conditioner get absorbed for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cool water.

George Bohunicky

Hair conditioner can be really beneficial, but only when you’re using it the right way, and not using too much, or coating your scalp with it. After just a few times of adjusting the way you use it, you’ll notice improvement.