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Priscilla Du Preez

You go to your barber or groomer and he does your hair just the way you like it. The problem? Keeping it fresh for more than a few days! You know what they all say, teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry. And that’s what we’re here for! We’ve put together a modest guide on hair products that every dapper dude should have on hand.


Gel – Find a high-quality product with a light, breathable hold. Bonus tip: When applying product for adding shape or for styling, put it in palm, rub your hands together, and apply from the back of your head working towards the front. It allows you to distribute the product more evenly.

Paste – What makes paste so great is its versatility. Use it on wet hair for a medium hold, on dry hair to add texture, and applied to the roots of long hair for control. If you’re not looking for shine, this one works-it has a matte finish.


Wax – This is great for hair on the short side. Apply to dry hair and style. It usually has a medium hold, making it great for tousled looks. It will also give you a hint of shine.

Cream – Longer styles really benefit from a good cream. It offers a little shine and light hold, but will give you some control so you don’t go to the office sporting the bedhead look. Apply to towel dried hair for best results.


Leave In – Leave in conditioners can calm frizzy hair and help you cut through tangles if you have longer hair. If you aren’t much for a lot of fuss, this is the conditioner for you. Just towel dry your hair, spray, brush through, and go.

2in1 – While body wash that doubles as shampoo isn’t the best idea, there are some pretty decent 2in1 products out there. You get shampoo and conditioner in one shot. Get a good one and your hair will be touchably soft.


Dry Shampoo -Daily shampooing can wreck your hair, stripping it of its natural oils, leaving it brittle and dull. Dry shampoo is a great alternative to use between washings. It’s usually a powder or spray, so just apply, work through your roots, and brush. It will absorb the excess oil in your hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean and healthy.

Exfoliating – Using a lot of hair products can cause build up on your hair strands and on your scalp. An exfoliating shampoo will remove that build up while deep cleaning and invigorating your scalp. Try ones with notes of peppermint or spearmint for a fresh clean feeling.

Remember guys, well-kept hair is always in fashion.

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Tristan Colangelo

The Two Blondes are on the road…a lot!  We are in areas we have never been before, and visiting businesses we’ve never met before. Which brings me to today’s topic, frontage!

The other day we were in a small urban centre looking for a place to have lunch before meeting up with a spa owner.  We drove around in circles looking for that perfect place to have a bite and although we passed several restaurants and eateries, nothing beckoned us to come in. They were non-descript and unappealing. We finally parked and found a little lane way which led us into a rather charming shopping area. We were quickly entranced with a cute little Mexican-inspired restaurant.

Tim Evans

Over lunch we had a great discussion on what it takes to attract a possible customer just from the appearance of the outside of your business. That day, we walked by a salon with rather grimy windows and a stack of aging newspapers piled in front of the door. We knew they were still in business because they also had a sandwich board sitting out front.

Our front doors and windows are the face we show to the world!

Heaven forbid that I head out of the house without my hair and makeup done these days! Same rule applies to your business. When was the last time you stood outside your business premises and had a good, long look at its appearance? What’s in your window? When I see chairs, I see waiting. When I see an attractive window display, I see shopping. It takes more creativity to create an attractive window with our category of retail products, so start thinking outside the box! There is not rule anywhere that says a salon or spa has to have a boring window!!

Here are some ideas to keep your focused on your outward appearance

Mike Petrucci
  • Plan in advance. How many times a year are you going to change your display?
  • Create a theme of season, or colour. It helps unify presentation.
  • Put in a setting, like a bench or chair or table. Think outside the box, not just a hair theme but a FASHION statement.
  • Use lots of props! Incorporate things like baseball mitts, football helmets into your sports-y themed displays
  • Build different heights into your display.
  • View display from all angles outside to see how an outsider will see it.
  • Don’t block off the entire window, leave room to see beyond display.
  • Limit the palette of colours you use, too busy too distracting.
  • Feature what your clients WANT rather than what they need. Remember, selling is an emotional event!
  • Clean it regularly!
  • Avoid “Sale, Sale, Sale”!
  • Don’t overfill, this is not a stock room!

And finally, don’t forget to look at the area immediately in front of and around your front door!  Make sure it is clean and welcoming!! Remember, we are out there watching!

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Priscilla Du Preez

Although the Ombre will work with most colors and hair types, there are a best practices for that perfect look. Because this technique requires expertise, you’ll need to head to a salon for best results. Before you book your appointment with your hairstylist, freshen up on your Ombre knowledge by Modern Salon Magazine.

Ombre Do’s

DO plan on taking extra care of your hair after the initial color. Any time your hair is chemically processed, it needs extra care. An Ombre look isn’t as drastic or all over as a full head color, but will still impact your hair. Regular conditioning with products designed for color treated hair will help your Ombre look last.

DO match your skin tone: Even if you go for a fanciful shade like purple or pink, the tones you choose should complement your skin tone. Your stylist can help you find the right tone for you and create a smooth, stunning transition.

DO cut and style first: The way you wear your hair will impact where the color will go, so making sure you are happy with your style first ensures you get the look you want.

Ombre Don’ts

DON’T DIY: Ombre is a complex process and to get the look you want, you’ll need a precision application and a full view of all angles. A pro can ensure you can get the Ombre look you are hoping for.

DON’T make abrupt color shifts: Ombre should be smooth and shift from one shade to the next without an abrupt line. Gradual changes are the key to success when it comes to Ombre.

DON’T alter your base at the same time; the base color will be the starting point to the rest of your look, so drastic all over changes are not ideal when you are going for this look.

Ombre is a perfect look for fall, whether you go for a natural, warm, sun kissed look or you incorporate more daring shades. Taking the right approach to Ombre ensures you get the look you want when you visit the salon.

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Ayo Ogunseinde

Our hair goes through a lot in a day. Aside from exposure to sun, wind, and pollutants in the air, there’s also blow drying, heat styling, and color. It can really take a toll on your hair, especially the ends, leaving them brittle and dry – and frizzy.

These three products work great for nourishing and hydrating dry ends to combat damage while controlling frizz. The real beauty of these products is that you can apply them to wet or dry hair and still achieve great results. Even if you don’t have damaged ends, your ends can almost always benefit from a little extra moisture now and then so go ahead and indulge!

Living Proof Satin Hair Serum

No oil, no silicone, just manageability, shine, and smoothness. That’s what this lightweight, super hydrating product offers. It cuts the frizz, leaving natural movement and hair that touchable and manageable. There’s no product build up and it won’t weigh your hair down. What it will do is tame those dry ends like there were never even there.

Work through wet hair or use on dry hair to add a little moisture to ends and get calm the frizz.

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil


A nourishing botanical blend of argan, bergamot, cassis, sandalwood, lychee, edelweiss flower, and jasmine extracts makes this light, luxurious oil an experience. It nourishes, shines, and tames dry, frizzy hair, going deep into the shaft to moisturize but never weigh hair down. It has a light, pleasant scent and leaves hair soft to the touch and healthy looking.

You can use is wet or dry. Work it through damp hair or liven up dry ends for a little added shine and control.

Kerastase Aura Botanica

This luxurious multipurpose oil is rich in omegas 6 and 9. With a blend of jojoba and avocado oils, damaged hair is left shiny and soft. Rosemary extract helps lock in the oils so that your hair retains the moisture and sweet orange essential oil adds a sweet, light aroma. This oil is super nourishing without being heavy and tames frizz immediately.

Work through wet hair for long lasting nourishment or apply to dry ends for instant manageability.

In a perfect world, hair is always beautiful, soft, and perfect. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Fortunately, these products can help us get a little closer to it.


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Henri Meilhac

Pixie cuts can be the best thing to ever happen or your worst nightmare. Unfortunately, the main downside about a bad pixie cut is that it’s going to take a long time to grow out. Where at all possible, you should avoid the pain of this period by making sure you really want that pixie cut in the first place, and then making a solid plan to ensure it always looks cute.

1. Work with Your Hair Type

Tanja Heffner

Want to make sure your pixie cut is pixie cute rather than a pixie cut-astrophe? Work with your hair type. This cannot be overstated, so let’s say it again: Work with your hair type. If you have very curly hair, don’t plan for a longer style, because in the rain or humidity you will no longer have a pixie cut: You will have a fur ball. Cut it short and save the grief.

2. Plan Your Products

No matter what your hair type, you want products that work with them. If your hair is straight and fine, you won’t have humidity troubles, but you might need some product to add a body boost and avoid the plastered-to-head helmet look.

3. Make a Styling Plan

In addition to getting the right cut and products, you’ll need to make a styling plan. The timing of your trims and cuts, your shampoo schedule and other factors all play in to the maintenance of your style, so know what they are ahead of time for best results.

4. Consult Your Stylist First


No matter what you do, always talk to your stylist before making a decision. If they warn you against something, listen. If you don’t, they can’t be held responsible … and you are the one who will have to deal with a lengthy grow-out period.

While no plan of action can ever fully ensure positive results, you can do your best by speaking to your stylist beforehand and planning for hair care afterward. That way, you have the best chance of looking in the mirror and smiling every morning … rather than looking in the mirror and crawling right back into bed.

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Tierra Benton

To achieve a look worthy of the urban chic or hipster label, you have to create a handy beard grooming kit or beard care arsenal. Otherwise, you will drift into the “Duck Dynasty” look. No sweat; we’ve put together a humble list of various products for a healthy beard.

1. Beard Trimmer


In order to keep your beard looking its best, you will need a good beard trimmer. While it’s true you can forgo the use of a typical razor when growing out your beard, you will still need to trim your facial hair to create your ideal beard shape. You will also need to trim your sideburns and the hair that tends to grow down your neck. One good beard trimming option recommended by Esquire is this Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Rechargeable Electric Beard Trimmer, which retails for around $69.99.

2. Beard Oil

According to the Balding Beard’s site, “beard oil is a must-have for every man who’s serious about growing a great beard. Not just ‘a beard’ but a great one.”

Beard oil is created to mimic the natural oils of your skin. The skin underneath your beard can become itchy, dry and even result in annoying beard dandruff (beardruff). One good beard oil option is Tree Ranger Beard Oil by Beard Brand, it retails for around $25 and was recommended by Esquire.

3. Beard Balm

Beard balm is basically a leave-in conditioner that conditions, moisturizes and softens the beard. According to Balding Beards, one of the best beard balm products on the market is the Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner. This particular product retails for around $12.23.

4. Beard Brush

Keeping your beard tamed requires regular brushing. This doesn’t mean using your wife or girlfriends hairbrush. Balding Beard recommends the ZilberHaar Beard Brush that retails for around $17.99.

The products listed above are just a few that you should have as part of your beard care arsenal. Depend on these tools to keep your beard looking amazing.

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