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Tristan Colangelo

The Two Blondes are on the road…a lot!  We are in areas we have never been before, and visiting businesses we’ve never met before. Which brings me to today’s topic, frontage!

The other day we were in a small urban centre looking for a place to have lunch before meeting up with a spa owner.  We drove around in circles looking for that perfect place to have a bite and although we passed several restaurants and eateries, nothing beckoned us to come in. They were non-descript and unappealing. We finally parked and found a little lane way which led us into a rather charming shopping area. We were quickly entranced with a cute little Mexican-inspired restaurant.

Tim Evans

Over lunch we had a great discussion on what it takes to attract a possible customer just from the appearance of the outside of your business. That day, we walked by a salon with rather grimy windows and a stack of aging newspapers piled in front of the door. We knew they were still in business because they also had a sandwich board sitting out front.

Our front doors and windows are the face we show to the world!

Heaven forbid that I head out of the house without my hair and makeup done these days! Same rule applies to your business. When was the last time you stood outside your business premises and had a good, long look at its appearance? What’s in your window? When I see chairs, I see waiting. When I see an attractive window display, I see shopping. It takes more creativity to create an attractive window with our category of retail products, so start thinking outside the box! There is not rule anywhere that says a salon or spa has to have a boring window!!

Here are some ideas to keep your focused on your outward appearance

Mike Petrucci
  • Plan in advance. How many times a year are you going to change your display?
  • Create a theme of season, or colour. It helps unify presentation.
  • Put in a setting, like a bench or chair or table. Think outside the box, not just a hair theme but a FASHION statement.
  • Use lots of props! Incorporate things like baseball mitts, football helmets into your sports-y themed displays
  • Build different heights into your display.
  • View display from all angles outside to see how an outsider will see it.
  • Don’t block off the entire window, leave room to see beyond display.
  • Limit the palette of colours you use, too busy too distracting.
  • Feature what your clients WANT rather than what they need. Remember, selling is an emotional event!
  • Clean it regularly!
  • Avoid “Sale, Sale, Sale”!
  • Don’t overfill, this is not a stock room!

And finally, don’t forget to look at the area immediately in front of and around your front door!  Make sure it is clean and welcoming!! Remember, we are out there watching!

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Zach Meaney

Why do small businesses need mobile-friendly websites? Well, for one, the whole world is going mobile. Look around: everyone you see has a smartphone and they’re always on it. Walk into a Starbucks or a Tim Hortons; what are people doing? They are messing around with their smartphones! What does this have to do with small business? Well, chances are that if they’re always on their smartphone, they are probably using them to make local purchasing decisions!

Take for example a person looking for a new hair stylist. They go on their phone and look up “hair stylist near me” and they see a whole bunch of local hair stylists.

Is your business showing up?

Matt Quinn

Here is another thing you probably weren’t aware of: Google’s mobile search results are different than the ones you will see on a desktop computer. Why you ask? Well Google understands that the mobile experience is important (that’s why they’ve spent billions on Android). Chances are that if you don’t have a mobile website, you are probably ranking a lot lower than you would if you had one. In fact, a study performed in 2012 showed that Google was expecting mobile searches to outnumber desktop searches by 2014 – and, yes that happened!

Is the experience customers have on their phones visiting your website optimal?

Research shows that the average mobile user will wait around 5 seconds for the page to load before abandoning the website. Factors that account into the page load time are the data size of the webpage served and its images, how far the website is hosted from the person accessing it,  and congestion on the mobile network.

That’s not all!  Once the page is loaded, are the users able to get the information they need without having to fish around for too long? Are they always having to pinch and zoom to find the information they need? Studies show that a website has an average of 7 seconds to catch the user’s attention and if they are spending most of that 7 seconds pinching and zooming or are having sluggish performance while on the website, chances are you’ve already lost them. They will hit the back button and move on to your competitors.

Derick Anies

I’m not going to bore you with any more statistics. The fact of the matter is that in this day and age, any smart business owner knows the importance of mobility and having a mobile presence. That is why we see more and more businesses investing heavily into a mobile presence. You may be wondering, “I don’t have a big budget like those companies, how can I have a mobile presence without paying an arm and a leg for it?”

You will be surprised to know that the technology is so ubiquitous that you will be able to find a competitive and budget conscious option that will work for you.  Get out there and take advantage of the technology that will make a difference in your business.  After all 80% of consumers are making their purchasing decisions based on what they find on the internet.


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Joshua Ness

How can we know how we are doing as a business if nobody tells us? You will hear every negative comment a client or employee has to offer, but probably only one out of every fifty positive comments! Because we are human, it is the negative comments that sit in our hearts and cause us to worry and fuss. There is a way to head off a lot of the negativity that floats around out there and infects your business? It is FEEDBACK! And not just client feedback, but employee feedback as well!

When we are giving GREAT customer service, our employees are our number one customer!

They also need to experience and understand the customer experience in the salon. To find out about that experience from their point of view you need to ask.

When was the last time you handed out a Feedback Form to either your clients or your staff? Is negativity creeping up on you? If it is, it is time to get out the forms and find out what is going on in your business.

Put together a feedback form for your employees. Some of the questions you might ask them are:

  • how do you rate as an employer?
  • what do they love best about their position?
  • what do they like least?
  • what can you do as an owner to improve on your delivery of service?
  • where do you see yourself in the next twelve months?

The questions can be as simple or as complex as you want, depending on the type of feedback and information you want to collect. After all, if you are collecting the information on what you can do to change, grow and develop, you must be prepared to make the changes!

If you are doing an employee feedback form, make sure that it is anonymous.

Let’s face it – none of us are perfect, but how do we bring about change if we aren’t sure of where to change? Get it from the horse’s mouth!

Client Feedback Forms are different from Client Survey Forms. A survey form establishes who your client is; their age, gender, socio-economic status, demographics, buying patterns, etc. A feedback form tells you how you are doing as a business. This form will include information such as:

  • how accessible was the parking?
  • how were you greeted?
  • how were you checked out?
  • how was everything in between?

Again, this form can be as in-depth or as simple as you want, depending on the level of information you are looking for and the changes you are willing to make.

Use “Consultation Cards” to head off negative results from your clients.

Turn your “First Time Client Card” into a consultation card to be used at the beginning AND at the end of the service. The information you gather should include:

  • lifestyle of client
  • length of time available to spend on hair daily
  • allergies
  • styling competence
  • service expectations
  • types of product used

The stylist then uses the consultation card to go over the expectations of the client for the service they have booked. At the end of the service, the stylist uses the card to affirm they have achieved the results that the client has asked for.

A salon business offered a refund on services if the client was not completely satisfied with the results.  After doing all the right things; consultation card, follow up affirmation at end of service, a client called the owner and said she wasn’t happy and wanted her money back.

The owner had seen the beautiful results on the client and how happy she had been on completion of the service and realized that the client wanted to take advantage of the refund offer by complaining. The owner said she would be happy to refund the money, but could the client please come into the salon and explain precisely where and what the errors were so that the stylist and the business could grow from their mistakes.  Needless to say, the client didn’t return for her money because the salon had given her everything she had asked for!

Feedback is the one of the most important forms of communication you will need from your staff and your clients.  Start collecting information and find out how well you are operating your business.


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Kris Atomic

Just got back from a selling trip in another city; and it looks like the same issues exist in every city! We came up against one of our major complaints at least SIX times over the last week – service providers that are DISCOUNTING their services!

The unfortunate truth: stylists only do it, because the salon owner allowed it to happen.

We cannot understand how a service provider can charge their clients a lower price than the one offered on the menu!  As a salon owner/business person, you establish your pricing based on what you need to bring in to the salon to meet your rent, salaries/commissions, and expenses. It’s actually stealing from the salon owner to charge less than the prices stated by the owner! Yet, salon owners complain about this happening over and over again.

Because we actually touch people, service providers often feel close to the client and think of them as friends and therefore want to offer them gifts like lower prices. This also happens when the service provider themselves feel they are not worth the price being charged or make unnecessary assumptions that their clients can’t afford their services. The most upsetting thing for these Two Blondes is the complaining that salon/spa owners do when this happens. If you have discounting happening in your business, go and look in the mirror for the real culprit!

Imagine this scenario: you need $30,000 per month to break even with your expenses. You set your prices accordingly, market your business, book your employees and BANG! Johnny Angel decides that $60 haircut is too much for his clients to pay and only charges them $45. He still gets his 50% commission of $22.50 but the business has been screwed out of the necessary amount they need to cover the cost of the service. If you are like the majority of business owners, you are probably not making much profit and that discount Johnny just offered just cost you 8% of the sale!!


If a stylist is discounting due to lack of faith in their abilities, consider putting the stylist back to a level where they feel more comfortable. The solution is really quite simple. When you hire a new employee, make sure that they understand all of the policies in your manual. Go over this particular one until you are sure they understand the implications.

Let the stylist eat the discount.

If you discover that a service provider is discounting, take the discount from the service provider’s portion of the service. In other words, if a service is $50 and the client is only charged $40, the lost $10 should come out of the service provider’s portion. For example, if you are paying a 50% commission, then the salon still receives its $25 and the service provider receives $15. Johnny Angel, for example would only receive $15 for the service he performed instead of the $30 he should have earned if charged correctly or the $22.50 he would have received for discounting.

Number One lesson here? As the owner, you have the right to determine the policies and procedures you want in place to operate your business efficiently. Do it!

Policies are the foundation that every business, that’s EVERY business, from the largest corporation to a small enterprise, must have to determine how they want their business managed and developed.

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Photo by Julia Komarova on Unsplash

Whether you want your nails to look beautiful because your class reunion is coming up, your best friend is getting married or you are heading out of town to meet a long-lost relative, professional nail technicians have the tools, experience and skills necessary to give you the gorgeous, natural-looking nails you desire.

Choosing an Artificial Nail Material

For the most part, nail technicians use acrylic, gel and silk to create artificial nails. The material that is best for you depends on a number of factors. For example, if you want to commit to wearing your artificial nails for an extended period, you should consider acrylic or gel nails. However, if you are not necessarily interested in lengthening your nails, but you want to repair your nail(s) or strengthen your nail tips, you should choose silk.

Acrylic Nail Application

  1. First, your nail technician will ‘rough up’ your natural nail: This helps ensure that the acrylic adheres closely to your nail.
  2. As your technician creates your artificial nails, he or she will mix together a powder and a liquid. This mixture is then brushed onto your fingernails. Generally, your entire nail will be covered; however, there are times when a flexible form is used to assist with sculpting your nail extensions. Furthermore, your technician may decide to extend your nails by applying nail tips.
  3. As the acrylic mixture is exposed to the air, it hardens.
  4. Your technician can now shape your nail to your desired length and style.


As your nails grow, a small gap forms between your nail beds and the acrylic nails. Every two or three weeks you will visit your nail technician so he or she can fill in these gaps for you.


If you decide that you would like to have your acrylics removed, this can be accomplished quite easily. Your technician can remove your acrylic nails without prying or forcing them – both of which can cause damage to your natural nail.

Gel Nails

The gel used to create artificial nails is nothing like the thick gel products of years gone by. Today, the consistency of these gels resembles that of nail polish. Thus, allowing for a natural-looking result.


  1. If you want to extend the length of your nails, your nail technician will apply nail tips before he or she applies the gel.
  2. After each coat of gel is applied, you will place your hands beneath an ultraviolet light (UV) for a specific length of time (up to two minutes). The UV light allows the product to harden or “cure.”


Just like their acrylic counterpart, gels will grow out and filling in is required every few weeks.


For the most part, gel nails can be removed by immersing them in nail polish remover. However, not all gel nails can be removed in the manner; therefore, you must speak with your nail technician before attempting to remove your gel nails at home.

Silk Wraps

These wraps are designed to strengthen weak nails or assist a cracked nail as it grows out. Wraps may also be used to strengthen nail tips.


  1. Your technician fits the material to match the shape of your nail.
  2. The material is held in place while he or she brushes on the glue.

The adhesives used to apply wraps lasts from two to three weeks. If your hands frequently come into contact with water, the glue may loosen sooner. After your silk wraps are applied, you should wear gloves when you wash dishes or perform any other task that requires you to submerge your hands for any length of time.

If your wraps do come off, your technician can reapply or remove them at your next visit.

Now that you know the difference between acrylic, gel and silk artificial nails, take the time to find an experienced nail technician in your area.

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Your hairstyle is the most important element of your look. On the flip side, finding a salon and stylist you trust to consistently make you look your best is vitally important for your overall satisfaction with your appearance. The following is some helpful information you should put towards good use the next time you have to choose a new salon.


Although technology has pretty much taken over all aspects of life, word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to learn who offers the best of any service. If you have a friend whose hair is always on point, ask them about their salon of choice. Of course, you don’t have to only ask friends, if you see someone out and about whose hair you love, don’t be afraid to ask them what salon they visit even if they are a stranger to you. After all, who doesn’t love to be told their hair is amazing?


Check Out Online Reviews

Today, virtually all salons have an online or social media presence. Reviews on these platforms are invaluable to discovering a new salon.  Keep in mind that some reviews may be inaccurate, so keep an open mind when viewing some of these. You can even use social media to ask your buddies on your Friend List to recommend salons to try.


Pay Attention to Local Ads

Local radio, billboards, newspapers, and magazines are all great places to learn about privately owned salons. This tip is especially helpful if you are new to an area. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that an ad does not always mean it’s the right match for you. Therefore, it’s important to do some research before committing to a certain salon.


Before Your First Official Visit

Before your first official visit to a new salon, schedule a consultation. Most salons will offer this service complimentary, but it’s best to ask just to be sure. A consultation is a great way to determine if you have chemistry with a certain stylist, like the location, and figure out how long your service will take. Don’t forget to know your Salon Etiquette before your appointment.