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Want Some Spooky Fun? Download Vagaro’s Halloween Word Search!  

When October arrives and the leaves start to turn, the countdown to Halloween begins! Orange-and-black decorations start popping up all around, and between candy and cinnamon, the whole month couldn’t smell any sweeter. Outside every supermarket in America, there’s a pile of pumpkins, destined to become Jack-o-lanterns (and maybe pie, afterward.) We’ve got one for you too – a Jack-o-lantern word search to download!


Tips For Finding a New Salon 

Your hairstyle is the most important element of your look. On the flip side, finding a salon and stylist you trust to consistently make you look your best is vitally important for your overall satisfaction with your appearance. The following is some helpful information you should…


Tipping Hairstylists 101 

A great hairdresser that stays on the same page as you can be really hard to find. Tipping can set the tone for the relationship you have and when it comes to the person who is pushing back your cuticles or coloring your grays, you…

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6 Ways to Wear Glitter Nail Polish 

Sparkling polishes are not just for little girls. Today, we can all embrace glitter nail polish in a way that looks elegant and sophisticated. The key to a mature glittery manicure is not covering the entire nail in big sparkles. Instead, choose a design that adds…