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Your hairstyle is the most important element of your look. On the flip side, finding a salon and stylist you trust to consistently make you look your best is vitally important for your overall satisfaction with your appearance. The following is some helpful information you should put towards good use the next time you have to choose a new salon.


Although technology has pretty much taken over all aspects of life, word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to learn who offers the best of any service. If you have a friend whose hair is always on point, ask them about their salon of choice. Of course, you don’t have to only ask friends, if you see someone out and about whose hair you love, don’t be afraid to ask them what salon they visit even if they are a stranger to you. After all, who doesn’t love to be told their hair is amazing?


Check Out Online Reviews

Today, virtually all salons have an online or social media presence. Reviews on these platforms are invaluable to discovering a new salon.  Keep in mind that some reviews may be inaccurate, so keep an open mind when viewing some of these. You can even use social media to ask your buddies on your Friend List to recommend salons to try.


Pay Attention to Local Ads

Local radio, billboards, newspapers, and magazines are all great places to learn about privately owned salons. This tip is especially helpful if you are new to an area. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that an ad does not always mean it’s the right match for you. Therefore, it’s important to do some research before committing to a certain salon.


Before Your First Official Visit

Before your first official visit to a new salon, schedule a consultation. Most salons will offer this service complimentary, but it’s best to ask just to be sure. A consultation is a great way to determine if you have chemistry with a certain stylist, like the location, and figure out how long your service will take. Don’t forget to know your Salon Etiquette before your appointment.


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When your roots are starting to grow out or you’re bored with your current style, it’s time for a trip to the hairdresser. In order to have a good trip, it’s important you properly prepare. Your hairdresser is only going to be able to make you happy if he or she is on the same page as you. Here are 4 tips for preparing for a hair appointment.

Come With Ideas

Pictures are helpful to show your hairdresser what you are thinking, but bring more than one. Try to choose images of hair types that are similar to yours. If you choose a hair style on a different hair type, you will be disappointed with the results in your own hair.

Don’t Be Dramatic

If you want to change to a drastically lighter color, be patient. Often times, changing something lighter is going to take several treatments. Consider finding a stepping stone color to lighten your hair a few shades instead of across spectrum. Keep this lightening process in mind if you are planning to go drastically darker as well.

Know the Difference Between a Cut and a Style

Just because you look great after your appointment doesn’t mean you are going to be able to keep up with your new style. You want to work with a great hairdresser that knows how to really cut hair. A good hairstylist can make hair look great for the day, like for a special occasion, but may not have a workable solution for the long term. Along the same lines, choose a hair style that you can keep up with! If you aren’t one to curl your hair, don’t pick a style that need to be curled to stay looking nice.


Don’t Talk Inches

Hairdressers and their clients are often on different pages when it comes to length – especially if you are going for a dramatically shorter look or trying to grow out your hair and only want a trim. Show your hairdresser with your hands where you want your hair to fall in order to keep things clear.

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A great hairdresser that stays on the same page as you can be really hard to find. Tipping can set the tone for the relationship you have and when it comes to the person who is pushing back your cuticles or coloring your grays, you want to make sure they know how appreciated they are.

The Average Tip

In an informal poll from Aveda, guests have admitted that they tipped as little as 10% and as high as 25%. Most said they tipped 20%, though the average was more generous around bigger cities. Small town beauty shops report that 15% is more normal for their tips, while stylists in malls or drop-in salons often see even less with irregular clientele.

How Much Should I Tip?

Part of tipping will depend on how much work you are as a client. Clients with short hair who book appointments frequently for cut and color may tip less because their hair is less work and their business is more regular. Longer and more difficult jobs of drastically changing color or cut may be something to tip higher for. Last minute appointments should also be well-tipped as an appreciation for being flexible enough to slide you in. Guests with small children should also tip higher, since there is more that goes into keeping small kids entertained and happy during the appointment.

Tipping the Shampoo Person

If your hairdresser is not the one shampooing your hair, do not assume that your tip will be split. To avoid confusion or misunderstanding, tip a small amount ($3-$5) to the shampoo washer. If the shampooer is doing more work (applying toner or other products), tip accordingly.

At the end of the day, you want to have a great rapport with your hairdresser that makes you stand out as a client. You want to be the kind of client that can call last minute and be slipped in on a whim. This comes from properly appreciating the work that goes in to keeping you looking and feeling fabulous.

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In the dry, sunny weather of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra gained worldwide notoriety for many things – including her incredible beauty. What was her secret? Sources whispered that she took special care of her skin on a regular basis. To combat the effects of the harsh climate, she developed a special technique. It was strange, but simple: she bathed in milk.

Now that we’re about to hit full-blown summer, it’s worth taking a look at the skin care regimen of one of the most beautiful women who ever lived.

The Power of Milk

Cleopatra’s baths may or may not be based in actual history, but the benefits of milk are well documented. That’s right; milk isn’t just for your bones.

Dermatologists agree that the lactic acids in milk are excellent for exfoliating and soothing damaged skin. With enough potency, these effects can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Sunburn Relief 

Though we all try our best to avoid sunburns, even the most vigilant sometimes make mistakes. When your skin is red and dry and feels like it’s on fire, a milk bath offers some much-needed relief. It has strong anti-inflammatory abilities, as well, which feels fantastic on a sunburn.

You don’t need enough milk to fill the entire bathtub, either. A few cups poured into a cool tub of water will do the trick. Just sit back and let the liquids soothe your aching skin. Then invest in some better sun screen!

Spa Solutions 

Of course, you don’t have to use the techniques of ancient Egypt to get great skin. Today’s spas have developed a variety of methods to accomplish what milk does – and so much more. The benefits of bathing in fluids that exfoliate and soothe are what spa professionals specialize in. Now you can find the perfect balance for your own skin, using milk, essential oils, or a host of other hydrating, stress-relieving, and rejuvenating ingredients.


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Don’t go into the warm summer months still clinging to your old hair habits. After getting that hot new look from your recent hair cut at the salon, you’ll want to take notes.

Don’t Wash with Hot Water

This should be easy to avoid as we approach summertime, but you might be surprised at how many people constantly wash their hair with scalding hot water. However, using hot water is damaging to your scalp and hair follicles. Washing your hair with hot water causes drying or in extreme cases, scalding your scalp. Be sure to set the water to a temperature that is lukewarm.

Deep Conditioning 

One of the top ways to keep your hair healthy is to deep condition your hair. By deep conditioning bi-weekly, your hair will be softer, healthier, and hydrated.

Stay Heat-Free

Staying away from blow dryers, curling irons, and other heat-infused methods of styling, you will be doing your hair a huge favor. Using heat can be highly damaging to your scalp and hair follicles. If you do opt to use one of these tools, be sure to use them on a lower setting.

Keep it Trimmed 

Due to the fact that the ends of your hair tend to become dry, brittle, and damaged over time, regularly having your hair trimmed prevents this damage from spreading to other areas of your hair.


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Sparkling polishes are not just for little girls. Today, we can all embrace glitter nail polish in a way that looks elegant and sophisticated. The key to a mature glittery manicure is not covering the entire nail in big sparkles. Instead, choose a design that adds just a splash of glitter over a well-manicured nail. Here are a few fun ways for adults to wear glitter nail polish.


If you prefer simplistic nail art you can do at home try a holographic polish. These specialized nail polishes contain fine particles of glitter that change color when the light hits the nails. Apply the clear holographic polish over a solid paint coat. Give your nails a topcoat to seal in the glitter.


Not ready to display a full ten fingers of glitter? Just paint a single nail on each hand with glitter to create an accent nail. Choose the same finger on each hand to glitterize. Pull the look together by choosing a matching color in both the solid paint and glitter.

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Give your nails a subtle ombre effect using your favorite sequin glitter polish. Apply a dense amount of glitter to the tips of your nails before spacing them out more until you reach the center of the nail. It may be easier to spread out the glitter with a fine tip paint brush rather than a nail polish applicator.


No one says all of your nails have to match. For a fun look, create a different design on each nail. For example, one nail can have glitter while another has stripes, polka dots, or a chevron design.


Many women are drawn to French manicures as they appear clean and sophisticated. Add some pizzazz to your French manicure by adding glitter to the tips. Instead of the tips being a classic white, choose a glittery silver with very fine particles of glitter.


Another fun way to add glitter to your nails is through a handmade design. Ask your nail technician to create a heart, swirls, stripes, or other design on your nails.

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Glitter is an easy way to elevate any nail polish and create a more youthful look. Satisfy your desire for a little sparkle by adding glitter to your nails.