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Tristan Colangelo

The Two Blondes are on the road…a lot!  We are in areas we have never been before, and visiting businesses we’ve never met before. Which brings me to today’s topic, frontage!

The other day we were in a small urban centre looking for a place to have lunch before meeting up with a spa owner.  We drove around in circles looking for that perfect place to have a bite and although we passed several restaurants and eateries, nothing beckoned us to come in. They were non-descript and unappealing. We finally parked and found a little lane way which led us into a rather charming shopping area. We were quickly entranced with a cute little Mexican-inspired restaurant.

Tim Evans

Over lunch we had a great discussion on what it takes to attract a possible customer just from the appearance of the outside of your business. That day, we walked by a salon with rather grimy windows and a stack of aging newspapers piled in front of the door. We knew they were still in business because they also had a sandwich board sitting out front.

Our front doors and windows are the face we show to the world!

Heaven forbid that I head out of the house without my hair and makeup done these days! Same rule applies to your business. When was the last time you stood outside your business premises and had a good, long look at its appearance? What’s in your window? When I see chairs, I see waiting. When I see an attractive window display, I see shopping. It takes more creativity to create an attractive window with our category of retail products, so start thinking outside the box! There is not rule anywhere that says a salon or spa has to have a boring window!!

Here are some ideas to keep your focused on your outward appearance

Mike Petrucci
  • Plan in advance. How many times a year are you going to change your display?
  • Create a theme of season, or colour. It helps unify presentation.
  • Put in a setting, like a bench or chair or table. Think outside the box, not just a hair theme but a FASHION statement.
  • Use lots of props! Incorporate things like baseball mitts, football helmets into your sports-y themed displays
  • Build different heights into your display.
  • View display from all angles outside to see how an outsider will see it.
  • Don’t block off the entire window, leave room to see beyond display.
  • Limit the palette of colours you use, too busy too distracting.
  • Feature what your clients WANT rather than what they need. Remember, selling is an emotional event!
  • Clean it regularly!
  • Avoid “Sale, Sale, Sale”!
  • Don’t overfill, this is not a stock room!

And finally, don’t forget to look at the area immediately in front of and around your front door!  Make sure it is clean and welcoming!! Remember, we are out there watching!

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Joshua Ness

How can we know how we are doing as a business if nobody tells us? You will hear every negative comment a client or employee has to offer, but probably only one out of every fifty positive comments! Because we are human, it is the negative comments that sit in our hearts and cause us to worry and fuss. There is a way to head off a lot of the negativity that floats around out there and infects your business? It is FEEDBACK! And not just client feedback, but employee feedback as well!

When we are giving GREAT customer service, our employees are our number one customer!

They also need to experience and understand the customer experience in the salon. To find out about that experience from their point of view you need to ask.

When was the last time you handed out a Feedback Form to either your clients or your staff? Is negativity creeping up on you? If it is, it is time to get out the forms and find out what is going on in your business.

Put together a feedback form for your employees. Some of the questions you might ask them are:

  • how do you rate as an employer?
  • what do they love best about their position?
  • what do they like least?
  • what can you do as an owner to improve on your delivery of service?
  • where do you see yourself in the next twelve months?

The questions can be as simple or as complex as you want, depending on the type of feedback and information you want to collect. After all, if you are collecting the information on what you can do to change, grow and develop, you must be prepared to make the changes!

If you are doing an employee feedback form, make sure that it is anonymous.

Let’s face it – none of us are perfect, but how do we bring about change if we aren’t sure of where to change? Get it from the horse’s mouth!

Client Feedback Forms are different from Client Survey Forms. A survey form establishes who your client is; their age, gender, socio-economic status, demographics, buying patterns, etc. A feedback form tells you how you are doing as a business. This form will include information such as:

  • how accessible was the parking?
  • how were you greeted?
  • how were you checked out?
  • how was everything in between?

Again, this form can be as in-depth or as simple as you want, depending on the level of information you are looking for and the changes you are willing to make.

Use “Consultation Cards” to head off negative results from your clients.

Turn your “First Time Client Card” into a consultation card to be used at the beginning AND at the end of the service. The information you gather should include:

  • lifestyle of client
  • length of time available to spend on hair daily
  • allergies
  • styling competence
  • service expectations
  • types of product used

The stylist then uses the consultation card to go over the expectations of the client for the service they have booked. At the end of the service, the stylist uses the card to affirm they have achieved the results that the client has asked for.

A salon business offered a refund on services if the client was not completely satisfied with the results.  After doing all the right things; consultation card, follow up affirmation at end of service, a client called the owner and said she wasn’t happy and wanted her money back.

The owner had seen the beautiful results on the client and how happy she had been on completion of the service and realized that the client wanted to take advantage of the refund offer by complaining. The owner said she would be happy to refund the money, but could the client please come into the salon and explain precisely where and what the errors were so that the stylist and the business could grow from their mistakes.  Needless to say, the client didn’t return for her money because the salon had given her everything she had asked for!

Feedback is the one of the most important forms of communication you will need from your staff and your clients.  Start collecting information and find out how well you are operating your business.


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Marion Michele

A great spa can definitely jump start your fitness routine by way of inspiration and instruction. But, people who regularly work out at home often wonder how they can make it feel like a vacation, without neglecting their fitness goals?

After all, no matter how breathtaking the spa’s surroundings may be, it’s hard to tear yourself away from the massage tables if the prime fitness draw is just a heightened version of the sport or workout you do at home. The trick is to look for a spa that offers exercise options in stark contrast to your home routine.

Swap Your Fitbit for Qigong

If you normally have your workout plotted to the last footstep and precise pulse rate, a spa fitness program requiring you to get out of your head may be in order. Look for programs which blend Western comfort with Eastern teachings. Meditation and breathing practices, such as qigong, can open your mind — as well as improve workout performance. And in terms of really putting your body through its paces, check out spiral dancing workshops, or classes in unfamiliar types of yoga.

Trade Hills for Waves

Are you a rugged hiker on the weekends? Climbing mountains is undeniably a great all-body workout, but you’ll activate new groups of muscles, and open your mind in new ways, by opting for a seaside spa. Choose one that not only has an accessible beach for swimming and walking on the sand, but also offers canoeing the marshes, or kayaking the waves, as part of the included amenities.

Go from State-of-the-Art to Down-Home

If you spend most of your workout time in a high-tech gym with all the latest weight machines and cardio contraptions, it can feel good to get back to basics again. Look for a “boot camp” or “sports camp” spa package that focuses on back-to-basics drills with kettlebells and jump ropes, as well as old-fashioned pushups and crunches. This no-nonsense approach will likely be coupled with less structured but still active group sessions, such as line dancing, or ball games.

You’ll soon get your heart pumping and your sense of fun reignited, all at the same time!

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In the dry, sunny weather of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra gained worldwide notoriety for many things – including her incredible beauty. What was her secret? Sources whispered that she took special care of her skin on a regular basis. To combat the effects of the harsh climate, she developed a special technique. It was strange, but simple: she bathed in milk.

Now that we’re about to hit full-blown summer, it’s worth taking a look at the skin care regimen of one of the most beautiful women who ever lived.

The Power of Milk

Cleopatra’s baths may or may not be based in actual history, but the benefits of milk are well documented. That’s right; milk isn’t just for your bones.

Dermatologists agree that the lactic acids in milk are excellent for exfoliating and soothing damaged skin. With enough potency, these effects can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Sunburn Relief 

Though we all try our best to avoid sunburns, even the most vigilant sometimes make mistakes. When your skin is red and dry and feels like it’s on fire, a milk bath offers some much-needed relief. It has strong anti-inflammatory abilities, as well, which feels fantastic on a sunburn.

You don’t need enough milk to fill the entire bathtub, either. A few cups poured into a cool tub of water will do the trick. Just sit back and let the liquids soothe your aching skin. Then invest in some better sun screen!

Spa Solutions 

Of course, you don’t have to use the techniques of ancient Egypt to get great skin. Today’s spas have developed a variety of methods to accomplish what milk does – and so much more. The benefits of bathing in fluids that exfoliate and soothe are what spa professionals specialize in. Now you can find the perfect balance for your own skin, using milk, essential oils, or a host of other hydrating, stress-relieving, and rejuvenating ingredients.


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Smiling senior woman paying for her haircut through credit card at reception desk


Most salon owners think that their revenue makers are their stylists, but the truth is that the greatest profit maker in the salon should be the front desk.  The stylists indeed generate the salon revenue but it is the front end position that captures the retail sale and invites our clients in to the salon and asks them to return. They are the first and last point of contact! This is the customer service mecca of the salon.

More often than not the salon either does not have a front end support person or the support person they have hired is paid a minimum wage. Usually that means, we have an entry level employee, who doesn’t have the skills or the knowledge to create the profit center we need at the front desk. It constantly surprises me how often we underestimate the power of a great front desk person. They have the ability to make or break a client’s experience before they have even seen their stylist!

Hire For These Skills

We need a trained and motivated individual to run this important segment of salon life.  We spend a lot of time and money in educating and training our service staff, but rarely do we put the effort into training our front desk support person. Here are some of the duties and tasks required to make an efficient and productive front desk:


  • Grooming skills. Sounds silly to think that grooming is a skill, but let’s remember that this is the first person our clients will meet in the salon and our support person should be a reflection of our standards, well groomed!
  • Phone skills. Understand the importance of scripting a phone conversation; the ability to capture clients from a price inquiry; competent booking of stylists; reminder calls to clients already booked; follow-up calls after client visits to eliminate potential customer problems.
  • Communication skills. This person will often need to guide and nurture stylists without stepping on toes or creating issues within the employee ranks. They will also have to deal with the occasional unhappy customer, which unfortunately happens from time to time. This really requires someone with finesse, common sense and humor. (Never underestimate the power of a good laugh!)
  • Reception skills. Greet clients, assure client comfort, orchestrate client time in the salon; complete client check-out which includes coaching stylists to complete their client care, closing the sale on take-home products and rebooking the client for their next visit, ensuring the future of that client and the business of the salon.
  • Computer skills. Booking clients in appropriate time slots; pulling day sheets; entering product into inventory; managing the salon data base; analyzing statistics; preparing reports for salon owner.
  • Marketing skills. Ability to follow a marketing plan; mail-outs to clients; follow-up mailings; tracking sheets for follow-ups, etc.
  • Merchandising skills. Be able to make creative use of retail space; cleanliness and presentation of the reception area.

These are just generalizations of the tasks involved for a front desk person.  They ensure that everything moves smoothly throughout the day.  And yet, we regularly see this person shampooing hair, assisting stylists and other tasks that take them away from what is truly important, The Front Desk!  Is it just that we haven’t really considered the importance and scope of the business responsibilities?

Please sit down and give some thought to how this person can make your salon run efficiently and take some of the pressure off you, the owner. Let them perform the daily tasks that take you away from the chores that are important to you and your creative staff.

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Male hairstylist straightening client's hair at beauty salon


Every one of your clients is different; they all have an individual story, and yet, at the same time, your clients will share some general characteristics. Every salon I walk into has a different and distinct personality; which means that there is a different and distinct client for every salon.  Do you know who your client is?  In every sales organization, it is imperative that you know to whom you are selling.  If you are a salon owner or a chair/booth renter, you are running a sales organization.  You are selling time slots. All we have to determine is who is filling those time slots.

To sell time slots, we need to develop a marketing plan to attract clients. Marketing isn’t selling; marketing is the tool we use to bring new clients in the door.  But marketing, as a tool, is only successful if we know which client is our target market. The more comprehensive we make our client description the easier it is to market to that client.  That perfect client becomes a representative of the greater client base you want to attract. Yes, you will still have clients who fall outside your “perfect” description!


Before we figure out who your client is… we have to determine who your salon is. That distinctive personality we mentioned earlier has a significant impact on determining the client profile.  Let’s take a look at the information we need to describe your salon:

  • Salon décor; are you funky, classic, art deco, artistic, sophisticated, etc. Do you have art on the wall? What colors are you using?
  • Do you have; a front end, reception area, receptionist, or is it all-hands-on-board?
  • What kind of; product line are you carrying? High-end, low-end, middle of the road; is it sophisticated, funky, trendy, classical, family oriented?
  • Do you; have a dress code?
  • What is; the average age of your stylist?
  • Do you; maintain staff meetings, regular education?
  • Do you; hold client events?

All of these items have an impact on the personality of the salon and the type of client to which you cater.  Analyze your answers to the above criteria and see if you can determine the common characteristics of the client coming through your door. This is important because if you decide you want to change who you are catering to, you have to determine how you are going to make those changes and establish a plan to attract that client.

Now that you have determined who you are as a salon let’s name the client that will be the subject of your marketing profile.  A client survey will help you create a complete description.  You will collect the information and then analyze the results.  What we are looking for is an averaging/analysis of the collected information.  For example, if you have 100 surveys completed, determine the average age of your client.

Okay, survey is done and we have found that our client is Jane Doe, she is so many years old, earns so much money, likes to do these things in her spare time, spends this amount of time on her hair and beauty every day, etc. etc.  Now it gets exciting!  This is where we plan the marketing strategy to invite all the Jane Does into your salon.  You know the kinds of jobs your clients will have, where they hang out, and what they do for fun.  Now you can create the marketing plan to reach out to that client.

Determining who your client is and how to bring them into the salon also means you know what services to offer the clients. How much to charge for those services…. and the programs to keep them as clients in your salon!

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