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With new weather comes new fragrances. You know that heavy musk you’ve been wearing all winter? Well, it may not be the best match for the natural floral scents being carried through the spring and summer air. Are you looking for a lighter scent to sport this warm season? The following is an overview of 3 of the top spring/summer scents of 2017.

1. Liquid Cashmere Aqua by Donna Karan

A scent so sensual, Liquid Cashmere is an excellent scent for those who like the smell of the beach and ocean. Likened to an airy ocean breeze with a hint of your favorite sunscreen, this scent allows the beach to come alive with every spritz. Although the scent is so light it is still strong enough to last all day.

2. Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret

For something flirtatious, try Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret. A lovely mix of vanilla and passion fruit, this scent is just sweet enough to attract all the right attention. This reasonably priced perfume makes it a great option for those looking to save a little cash.

3. Tom Ford

If you prefer your scents with a hint of citrus, Tom Ford just may be the perfect perfume for you. A sensual fragrance, Tom Ford does an excellent job of incorporating citrus hints without allowing it to become too overpowering. This scent also has soft floral smells, making it a wonderful choice for those who enjoy subtle scents that are fruity and refreshing.


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Resistance bands are still great to tuck into your suitcase when you’re on the move. But there are some other portable workout options these days that you may have overlooked, such as “body blades” and smaller step platforms.


If you’re traveling with a garment bag or over sized duffel, you can probably fit the bow-like BodyBlade into its interior. The tool is on the long side, but is flexible and weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Designed initially as an injury rehabilitation tool, BodyBlade works on the principle of inertia, along with the characteristics of vibration, to force the kind of rapid body contractions that gradually improve strength, balance and coordination. The manufacturer estimates that the vibrating bow causes automatic contractions in your body at the amazing rate of 270 times per second.

Include instructions or your gym instructor can show you how to hold the tool as you do regular moves like ab crunches and bicep press.


Zumba Equipment

The new generation of Zumba workouts features equipment that’s much for portable that the traditional footrest-sized riser steps and heavy weights. Zumba risers won’t take up much more space than a folded towel in your suitcase, and is less than 5 pounds. For arm work, Zumba toning sticks are even smaller and more compact. Bring one or both types of equipment.

If where you’re staying has a player, tuck one of the workout DVDs that usually comes with the equipment. Otherwise, you’re sure to find a pre-recorded class online.

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The Classics

Trying to make due with a tiny carry-on? Resistance bands are certainly a still a great way to make sure you don’t miss your “leg days” or “arm days.” Or just pack a bathing suit or a yoga mat. Your hotel may well have a swimming pool, and even the tiniest rooms have enough space to spread a mat.

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Every year, Pantone announces a color that trends for the whole year. Last year was a nice periwinkle color called Serenity. This year the color is Greenery (15-0343) and it is a bright shade of — you guessed it — green. From Michael Kors to Mary Katrantzou, designers are weaving the Greenery hue throughout their lines with intention. You should be able to find a lot of high end pieces in Greenery if you are hoping to fill out your wardrobe with a bright, fun shade for spring and summer 2017.

Just a Pop

Accessories are the perfect way to tie in a fabulous color without needing to reinvent an entire wardrobe. Even Ray-Ban sunglasses are showing off the fabulous shade of green gradient in the Wayfarer Liteforce style. If you haven’t planned to add in the Greenery color, accessories are easier to add in a moment’s notice without breaking the bank.

Get Inspired

The great thing about a feature color isn’t that you need to own a bunch of stuff in that hue, but that it might inspire you for other looks. Let Greenery inspire you. How can you pair it or highlight it? Remember, from fingernails to eyeshadow, there are a lot of ways to incorporate a color without owning a single fashion piece in that color.

Find the Jewels

The August birthstone is the perfect shade of green to match this year’s highlight color. The peridot isn’t a very expensive stone, but that pop of green on your wrist, ears, neck or fingers can really make a statement. Be on the lookout for peridot jewelry that is affordable, unique and fantastic in this trending color.

Green is absolutely the perfect spring and summer color, so make sure you jump on this trend early in 2017! You will appreciate the energy and positive feelings that this beautiful color of green omits. Choose versatile items so you can wear this color all year round, pairing it with oranges or browns for fall and blues or deep reds for winter!

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Prom season is right around the corner, so now’s the time to decide how you want to wear your hair for the big event. If you no longer qualify for prom attendance based upon “maturity”, you’ll still enjoy this list as it will give you the inspiration to draw upon for any formal occasion:

Elf/ Fairy Inspired Florals:

There are several ways to take advantage of this style. You can put your hair up completely in a braid and embellish with flowers or you can leave it down and accentuate small braids with a floral crown. To picture this look, think of the “Lord of the Ring’s” elves, Disney’s fairy princesses, or a hippy enjoying a music festival.

Mesmerize With a Mermaid Inspired Updo:

To achieve this look, first pull your hair up in a ponytail on the crown of your head. Then transform that plain pony into three separate fishtail braids. After this, you will twist the three fishtails together and fasten to keep the look in place. Top it off by draping a chained necklace over top of your hair for an ethereal look that seems otherworldly.

Stacked Buns Inspired by Star Wars:

If you have seen the movie “Force Awakens,” you probably noticed the main character Rey’s unusual hair style. This prom half updo could be inspired by this look. To achieve this look, put your hair in three ponytails, leaving some down. Then twist each pony into a bun and secure. You can either leave your remaining hair straight or curl it to add to the style.

Mega Mixed Braid:

To get this look begin with a Dutch braid right over your ear. Take this braid across your head. You will then secure the braid with an elastic right below the opposite ear. Use a fishtail braid to style the remaining hair. This braid is a large braid with various textures, making it a fresh, cute twist on the common braid.

The above styles are just a few that will be featured throughout 2017’s prom season. Try any of them out for your next formal event for an amazing look.

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As we watched the runway in anticipation for Spring and Summer 2017, we saw a lot of designers flaunting the ankle boot. Here are some trends you might want to add to your collection for this upcoming season.


Designers like Celine were showing off skin colored boots that were fairly simple in design. Camel and other warm neutral hues are popular for footwear this spring and summer. Marni took a slightly grey nude and transformed the bootie into a kind of pointy-toed, chunky-heeled sandal. Nude is a great shoe color because of its versatility. It has been a spring favorite for several years and we are loving the spins put on the nude booties this year.

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80’s Ruffled

Many designers were taking some pretty obvious cues from the 80’s in their design inspiration for this spring and summer season. The ruffled bootie is one example of a throwback that just screams 16 Candles or Pretty in Pink. Emilio Pucci and J. W. Anderson Boots both offer styles that are currently sold out. Do you think you can pull off that much flare on your feet?

Prints and Color

With the 80’s calling out to designers this year, you can expect some wild and funky prints in the mix. Emilio Pucci offered a very bold bootie in a popping print that is sure to turn some heads. Giorgio Armani skipped the print and went to boldly colored bootie cutouts that were just as bold and eye-catching. And Fendi showed off a bold bootie that had a brightly striped athletic design for the ultimate futuristic throwback approach.

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Chunky Heels

There was definitely a common factor of chunky heels for booties in 2017 designs. Gucci utilized a platform approach for their chunky buckled bootie. Marc Jacobs used a very chunky heel paired with a platform approach that was very reminiscent of the disco days. Meanwhile, the heel for Arthur Arbesser’s runway boot was much lower and the shoe profile was much more angular in its boxy shape, vertical stripes and lace-up design.

Be bold with your choice in footwear for this season! There is a lot of fun and fresh going on in the foot department, so try adding something that stretches your comfort zone a bit and have some fun!


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Given that losing weight and staying in shape is at the top of most people’s list, the following is an overview of 4 ways to stay healthy and fit for Spring.

Eat Less Meat

No, this is not an attempt to urge you to become a vegetarian. However, studies have shown that eating less meat is not only better for our individual health, but it is great for the environment as well. Try eating no more than 2 – 3 servings of meat weekly, then adjust this based on your own personal preferences.

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Get a Grasp on Stress Relief 

Next, many people are unaware of the effect that stress has over one’s health. Stress can cause migraines, heart attacks, abdominal pain, high blood pressure, and much more. By trying thing such as meditation, yoga, and the like, you will be doing one of the best things you can to protect your health.

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Stop Drinking Your Calories 

Lastly, stop drinking your calories! Try purchasing them as an occasional treat rather than every single morning.

Overall, although there is much more to staying healthy, follow these tips and you will kick start your Spring season with optimal health.