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The Year in Review: Vagaro’s Best of Beauty & Wellness 2021 

In the last 12 months we’ve seen a rise of lush lashes, primmed-to-perfection nails, corrective skin care treatments, and therapeutic practices—just to name a few! And as we wait in anticipation of 2022 style trends, let’s look back at some of the most popular beauty & wellness favorites of 2021.  Here’s a short list of business professionals who offered some of the best style trends of the year. From men’s pampering to SUP yoga, 2021 carried in some old favorites & new-school trends that kept us chic all year round.  Beauty:    Lash & Bodyworks  Long…

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Why Your Mental Health Matters for Your Business 

Hey, how are you feeling today?   This is probably a question you ask your customers daily, but how often do you check in with yourself? As a business owner, juggling the needs of staff and customers can be overwhelming, and may leave you feeling physically and mentally wiped out.   In fact, studies have shown that 62% of business owners feel depressed at…

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Tips for Massage Therapists Working in the COVID-19 World 

Massage therapists and bodyworkers are– one of the many close-contact professions that have been profoundly impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Despite the pandemic, many massage therapists have been able to pivot their business model and adapt to the circumstances, finding safe, alternative ways to continue working. Here are some tips to help you re-imagine your massage therapy business, add virtual services to your menu, and bring in more clients.


Want Some Spooky Fun? Download Vagaro’s Halloween Word Search!  

When October arrives and the leaves start to turn, the countdown to Halloween begins! Orange-and-black decorations start popping up all around, and between candy and cinnamon, the whole month couldn’t smell any sweeter. Outside every supermarket in America, there’s a pile of pumpkins, destined to become Jack-o-lanterns (and maybe pie, afterward.) We’ve got one for you too – a Jack-o-lantern word search to download!


Get Inspired for National Coaches Day 2020 

October 6 is recognized as National Coaches Day, acknowledging the inspirational sports figures in our communities. Over time, the word “coach” has evolved into a broader term, which now includes life coaches and fitness instructors. Coaches are excellent motivators, and the exceptional ones know how to bring out the potential of their students. This year, spend the day celebrating a coach who’s affected you in a positive way.

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Prioritizing Mental and Physical Health on World Gratitude Day 

September 21 is recognized as World Gratitude Day. As we become more self-aware as a society, we’re gaining a better appreciation for mental health and how it contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Practicing acts of gratitude is a simple and effective way to enhance one’s quality of life. We all experience daily stress and anxiety to some extent and the pandemic hasn’t made it any easier, so finding moments to show gratitude is crucial. This year, be mindful of how you and your family can celebrate healthier living. Here are three ways you can start practicing gratitude to improve your well-being today.


IV Bars – What You Need to Know 

Move over oxygen bars, make way for IV bars! You may not have heard of this service, though it’s gaining popularity. In fact, celebrities ranging from Gwyneth Paltrow and Adele to Rhianna are singing its praise. IV therapy (also called drip bars, intravenous micro-nutrient therapy,…


Can You Exercise If You’re Pregnant? 

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether this is your first time or third, pregnancy is always exciting. That said, it’s also a time of great change for a lot of women. For instance, if you were an avid gym-goer, you may wonder if you can still…