How often have you wished there were more hours in the day? It seems like the business of being in business never ends. You’re balancing day-to-day operations and performing the services your customers need, and there’s never enough free time to plan your marketing.

But what if there were a way to work smarter instead of harder? A way you could sell products when your shop isn’t even open? A way to book appointments and receive payments for services, and memberships without the front desk? In today’s digitally-driven world, it’s important to keep pace with the expectations of your customers. Vagaro’s Online Shopping Cart functionality gives you a serious edge on the competition.

So, while we can’t give you more hours in a day, what we can do is help you make the most of every hour in the day!  

Increase Your Reach!

There’s a bridge between browsing and buying—that bridge is your online cart. It’s more than just the cash register for checkout: it’s also your digital storefront, shelves, clearance rack and sales clerk, providing product information. 

It’s also an easy—almost effortless—way for you to market. Online shopping increases the reach of the products, services, memberships, packages, and gift certificates you sell. Add new products and customize details to show customers exactly what they need to see. This way, you’re always just a click away from making a sale, and always open when it’s convenient for your customers. Think of your online cart as a way of being in the shop even when you’re not in the shop.

Essentially, an online cart means the whole world could be full of new customers—even if you never see them in your storefront. You can create a whole new stream of revenue and expand your brand beyond your geographic location! 

Online Storefronts & Digital Marketing: A Dynamic Duo 

As more and more businesses go digital, customer expectations change. Don’t get left behind the times! Online capability makes it easier to compete and provides customers (both new and established) with the ease of automation they’ve come to expect. 

Then, when you start using Vagaro’s Email Marketing, you’ll open up even more opportunities for your business to make more sales with less effort! 

Bright Ideas!

Here are just some of the ways you can use our Online Cart and Email Marketing in tandem to make the most of every hour. Likewise, boost sales and attract new customers with these handy tips: 

  • Add new products, services and packages anytime, from anywhere, using any device. You can add new products to your online store from your phone while you’re relaxing on the couch at home!  

  • Bring new clients into your physical storefront for services by allowing them to browse your online storefront for products, services, memberships, and packages.

  • Sell products and gift certificates to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Process payments with just a few customer clicks from any device. 

  • Allow customers to book (and pay for!) services, memberships and classes. 

  • Send targeted emails to your customers when new products arrive. 

  • Create email-exclusive sales, discounts, and promotions.

  • Never have products sit on the shelves again! Discount products & sell to clients who want to buy without taking time out of your day to market. Everything is automated & easy to navigate. 

  • Bring lost clients back into your business with a well-timed sale or exclusive offer!  

Make Every Minute Count

With Vagaro, it’s like having an automated marketing team on your side, at your convenience—so it’s easy to maximize your time, even when you don’t have a lot to spare. In a matter of minutes, your whole shop could be online and open for business—what are you waiting for? Get started today, and see how much more money you could be making during off-hours! 

Ready to extend your business hours (digitally?) Get started with VMS today!

Header Image: via Pexels

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