Family Health and Fitness Day was created by the Health and Information Resource Center in 1996 to encourage families to bond through physical activity. Children develop certain habits by watching their parent or guardian. When someone older than them sets an example of healthy diet and exercise routines, they’re more likely to follow suit. According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, only one in three children is physically active daily. Chances are, that’s because less than 5% of adults get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day.

On September 26, make it a priority to get outside with your family and get in the habit of working up a sweat to connect! Here are five easy ways to get in more physical activity: 

1. Find a Sport Everyone Enjoys

Do you remember what it was like to feel the tip of your baseball bat connect with the ball for the first time? Or feel the blades of freshly cut grass beneath your feet on the pitch? These simple moments create life-long memories your family will cherish for years to come. Regardless of the size of your family, finding a sport to play is a great way to be active, without making it feel like a chore. Sports teach children several core values, such as teamwork, communication, and perseverance, not to mention the physical pros like hand-eye coordination and balance.


mother and children enjoying the outdoors

2. Explore the World Around You

Maybe your family isn’t big on sports, and that’s okay! There are alternatives to running around the baseball diamond, like hiking a trail and walking through nature. The world is filled with beautiful parks and forests, so take the time to explore these areas, and watch your family bask in the scenery. Taking advantage of your surroundings can be a fun experience, while also serving an educational purpose.


a bike

3. Enjoy a Bike Ride

Training wheels or not, a bike ride through the neighborhood or at the beach is a simple way to absorb some sunlight and break a sweat.  Make sure everyone has proper equipment, a comfortable helmet — and never underestimate the power of a well-cushioned seat! 

4. Create a Scavenger Hunt

As we go further into fall, the weather is likely to become a little gloomier, but there’s plenty of fun to be had indoors, too! Get creative and brainstorm some clues for a scavenger hunt. Even if you and your family aren’t burning up a sweat, at least you’re on your feet and moving. You can make the difficulty level as easy or hard as you choose, either way, it will spark critical thinking.


a mother and child doing yoga

5. Check Out Local Classes

Stay-at-home orders have limited what we can and can’t do outdoors, but fortunately, businesses are adapting and offering outdoor and virtual options for families. There’s a great variety of businesses on Vagaro who specialize in family-oriented activities, intended to create bonding environments.

RoundHouse business logo

RoundHouse Fitness in Patterson, CA, is committed to teaching families Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, and other various cardio workouts. While they’re an MMA gym first and foremost, RoundHouse Fitness is an anti-bullying facility adamant about helping kids and families work together. Their goal is to make a positive atmosphere where kids can relax, decompress, and release any aggression they might have


Luna Family Art Center is located in Bloomington, IN, and while intense workouts aren’t their specialty, they use art as a means for generating family connections. Through music, language, and movement, LFAC hopes to inspire change within and outside of their community. They also offer live streaming yoga sessions for families of all ages!



Family Health and Fitness Day is about coming together to cherish our loved ones while participating in some physical activity. These are just a couple of examples of the wide variety of family activities offered across the country. Visit the Vagaro Marketplace to find family-friendly businesses near you who offer online, in-person, or outdoor activities for you to share!  


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