Get to Know Your Customers Day is a business holiday, observed on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, and October.) By now, you probably know how much Vagaro’s forms functionality can help you get to know your clients better. What you might not know yet is that we’ve expanded these features to accommodate file uploads to your customer forms and SOAP notes with Vagaro Drive! These new expansions to the tool you already rely on allow you to create deeper customer relationships, contextualize the services you provide, and track the progress of your work over time.

Stay in Touch with Client Needs

Depending on the type of business you operate, forms and SOAP notes (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) help you get to know your clients and stay in touch with their needs as your relationship evolves over time. Both forms and SOAP notes provide you with the data you need to stay cutting-edge with your customers’ needs, expectations, values, spending habits—and in the case of SOAP notes—the progress of your work together. The ability to upload files to customer forms and SOAP notes gives every relationship a greater scope and perspective. File uploads give you the ability to communicate more effectively, and to know that you’re receiving the exact information that’ll help you meet customer expectations over time, even if their needs and habits change.

Upload Legacy Files

A legacy file is any type of document that’s tied to an old or outdated method, technology, or computer system, but still remains in use. Examples of legacy files might include color formulation cards, paper scheduling books, print receipts, paper invoices, physical liability waivers, or print intake forms. Legacy files are the folders and folders of documents most businesses store in a file cabinet that create clutter and disorder more than they generally help. After all—isn’t it Murphy’s Law that you can never find the file you’re looking for when you need it? Now, imagine instead: you can scan all those old legacy files and upload them to the specific client they’re associated with, and find exactly what you’re looking for, every time. Then, you can even clean up your business office and store all those papers off-site!

Detailed Documentation of Prior Care

For businesses dealing in wellness, fitness, or related fields, there tends to be a lot of documentation of prior care. For example, if you’re a physical therapist working in a fitness facility or medical training center, you might have clients whose files include physician notes, documentation of prior physical treatments or therapies, progress notes, doctor’s release forms, and liability waivers. Likewise, medical spas may also have thick archives of medical notes, prescriptions, and other information that is important to scheduled services and aftercare. Uploading these files to your Vagaro Drive allows you to cut back on the papers in your paperwork and gives your clients the peace of mind that their patient files are safe and secure with Vagaro’s HIPAA-compliant storage solution.

Medical Spa Treatments

Estheticians and aestheticians—whether working in traditional spas, medical spas, or other wellness and healthcare facilities—will find Vagaro’s new SOAP notes and file upload features particularly handy. File upload allows both you and your client to upload images of specific areas for treatment, before and after photos of treatments, and visually track the efficacy of treatments. For example, clients can upload images of target areas like laugh lines, crepey skin, or sun spots before a spa appointment, so estheticians can recommend, schedule, and prepare for specialized services. Likewise, a medical spa aesthetician treating a client for acne will be able to access and view progressive images of their client and see the effectiveness of their course of treatment. Not only will you be able to keep all your legacy files in order and manage all supplementary documents associated with your clients, but you’ll be able to get acquainted with a new client’s information in advance of your first appointment together. The best customer service comes from a well-prepared professional!

Inspirational Looks

Don’t try to guess what your client means when they describe the celebrity whose hairstyle they want to try out—get them to upload a photo and be sure of what you’re doing before they’re in the chair! For service professionals across industries, it can be difficult to know if you’ve understood what your clients are asking for, particularly for barbers, stylists, nail professionals, and make-up artists. But you know the old saying: A picture paints a thousand words. Now, your clients can upload images of exactly the look they want to re-create, and you’ll have adequate time to prepare in advance and make sure you have the tools and products you’ll need on hand before their visit. That way, once they arrive, you’ll be able to focus on the work—not making sure you’ve understood what they want.

Get Organized with Vagaro Drive

Vagaro Drive offers service professionals competitive rates for cloud-based storage that’s fully integrated with the software you already rely on for scheduling, administrative tasks, and payment processing. Vagaro Drive storage plans range from 5 GB to 100 GB, so there’s a plan to suit businesses of any size, with room to scale up as your business grows. Vagaro drive supports easy upload of any .JPG, .PNG, or .PDF files, which can be accessed and viewed in a summery chart, by individual client, or in a table format.

Archive legacy files, store client information safely and securely, and give every appointment more depth when you use Vagaro Drive to store files digitally!

Header Image: Mia Montemayor via Vagaro

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