Getting tremors out of nowhere can be scary, and bring inevitable thoughts of a serious illness. But often, a sudden bout of “the shakes” isn’t a sign of chronic problem, but rather a temporary issue that you can easily self-treat.


Hangovers often result in more than just splitting headaches and severe nausea. In fact, shakiness — especially in your hands — is a sign of the alcohol withdrawing from your system, leaving lowered blood sugar in its wake.

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You can hasten the healing process that the passage of time will bring, by taking in extra water and starchy foods. Liquids help flush those lingering alcohol toxins from your system. Toast and crackers not only ease nausea, but help regulate the crashing blood sugar that fuels those “morning after” tremors.

And never pass up a chance to hit the spa! You may have to force yourself to get there, but some time in a steam room or sauna will help you sweat those toxins away, as can a gentle yoga class.

Pinched Nerves

Tremors, weakness or “pins and needles” can occur anywhere on the body where a nerve is being pinched, often by swollen tissue or bulging bone matter. X-rays and physical therapy may be in order, especially to pinpoint the area in which the nerve is being compressed. (Arm and hand shakiness can come from various points along the neck/shoulder region, for example.)

Look for yoga or other flexibility-focused classes that focus on loosening and strengthening muscles and joints. Your yoga instructor can often suggest moves to add to your home routine to target your specific area of shakiness.

Yoga also does double-duty to banish tremors, because focused breathing techniques or great for addressing occasional or even chronic stress — another notorious cause of shakiness and muscle weakness.

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You don’t have to be walking in a desert or supremely hungover to experience dehydration. Not taking in enough liquid on a hot day, working out without pausing for water, or simply being on the go, can lead to shaking and twitching.

One obvious solution is to add more water to your daily routine. On hot or active days, consider incorporating fluid-rich foods to your diet, such as cucumbers and watermelon.