How does diet interplay with your overall physiology and well being? The human body is a complex web of chemical reactions working together, and each substance we ingest has an effect on our internal environment. Food has an indirect but strong effect of influencing how we feel. Though there is no absolute diet, since everyone’s physiology varies (and we do not recommend a DNA based diet), there are ways to improve your mood through diet.

Attaining Better Clarity and Focus

To attain more clarity and focus, you could simply eat less. This would divert some of the energy expended in digesting food to the brain. With this technique, you wouldn’t eat wheat, gluten, and sugar, because it destabilizes blood sugar levels, is cost intensive to digest, and causes you to feel sleepy. If you fasted and ate only one meal a day and followed these protocols you might be more alert and aware.

What Would Be A Good Diet For Someone Who Is Suffering From Depression?

If you’re just having a bad day, one of the most common things people will do is go for cookies or carbs, especially if you’re feeling sad. This works temporarily, but if you suffer from depression or anxiety that’s caused by hormonal imbalances, things get a lot more complicated. If you suffer from low moods, avoid alcohol. Since alcohol is a natural depressant, it will ultimately only make the anxiety or depression worsen. The best solution is to consult your physician to determine the root cause of your depression.

What Is An Overall Good Diet For Overall Mood And Well-Being?

Eat moderately, and eat whole foods. Avoid foods that contain preservatives and any sort of processed foods.  You don’t really need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on nutritional supplements, as many of them tend to not be absorbed into your system.

Calorie Control

Try to stay within a safe body fat percentage. A low body fat level will help you feel more confident about the way you look, which in turn will help your overall mood.

How Much Influence Does Diet Have On Our Well Being?

In the end, if you’re feeling a certain way the food you eat can subtly offer a lift. Healthy eating habits are a great foundation for a positive life, and can contribute to a good, well-adjusted attitude, Stay strong and good luck on your health journey!