Happy young people eating healthy salad for lunch. Multiracial group having a break on beach snacking on a vegan takeaway meal of green veggies and carrots laughing together. Casual lifestyle.

The clocks have leapt forward and summer is on the horizon. Spring cleaning is the ideal time to make some changes that will improve the quality of your life with a simple detox.  Warm weather, pool parties and vacations combine and make relaxation a priority. Start your summer shape-up now, with these XX detox tips to ensure you’ll enjoy a summer a of rest and relaxation.

1. Ditch the diet, focus on nutrition: Diets tend to induce anxiety, and prevent people from enjoying food — one of the simple pleasures of life. Focusing on nutrition (and the ample supply of fresh vegetables from the spring harvest) will reduce stress and your waistline!

Beautiful young woman sleeping in bed

2. Embrace the positive (and use Pinterest!): Make a “Spring”-board of recipes, experiences, and home decor that inspires you to live healthy. A quote board of positive affirmations that will motivate you to live in the moment, focus on the positive, and reach your goals will help remove negative thoughts from derailing your healthy living plans.

3. Indulge your senses. De-stress and de-clutter by adding a few simple tweaks to your routine. Focusing on the senses (sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch) will amplify a detox plan and improve your quality of life. Upgrade your sheets and pillows for a better night’s sleep. Add a lavender linen spray to incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy to your nightly routine. Stop multitasking while you eat. Ignore the phone, put the newspaper down, and focus the smell, texture and taste of your food. You’ll find that focusing on the meal will lead to healthier eating habits and a happier you!