It’s always crucial to stay hydrated. When water loss from heat and activities are bearing down on you, turn to foods high in water content to help refill your liquid tank.

Whether you opt for single foods that are high in water content, or combine them in one dish, these refreshing foods will keep you in alert and healthy during high cardio activities.


The building blocks of a classic green salad are chock-full of water-rich ingredients. Cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, radishes and tomatoes are all at least 94 percent water. Add some chopped celery — the single most watermelonhydrating food commonly available — as well sweet peppers for extra hydrating benefits. As an added benefit, you’ll be adding plenty of antioxidants to your diet.


The classic treat of summertime picnics, watermelon deserves a place at the table both indoors and out. The thirst-quenching treat is about 92 percent water, and rich in the antioxidant lycopene.


In general, most berries are mostly water. That’s especially true of strawberries, which also add high Vitamin C to their nutritional benefits. Eat them sliced over yogurt or in salads, or add them to hydrating smoothies.


This versatile fiber-rich green is “roughly” 91 percent water, as well as high in vitamins and minerals, including iron. Supplement or replace the less nutritious (though hydrating) iceberg lettuce with fresh broccoli-cauliflowerspinach leaves in salads or in sandwiches. Like berries, fresh spinach is also great to add to cooling, hydrating smoothies.

Cauliflower (or Broccoli)

Technically, cauliflower has a slight edge over its fellow cruciferous veggie, broccoli, but both are hydrating stars, consisting of at least 91 percent water. In the summer, fresh cauliflower or broccoli florets are great additions to the salad bowl or the crudités platter. These nutritious foods are also rich in fiber, and add crunch to sandwich fillings for pitas and wraps.