Now that the fall is finally here, finding ways to relieve your stress should remain a top priority. Rather than letting the cooler months deter you from maintaining your peace of mind, why not try a new set of activities to lift your spirits and keep you grounded? With that said, the following is a closer look at 3 great stress relief activities for fall.


Although this is a great activity to do all year round, journaling is especially great since it can be done anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can use your crisp autumn environment to write about if you’re shy about writing about your own thoughts.  It’s a beautiful time of the year to enjoy the outdoors before winter sets in.


cycling-in-autumnAutumn is a great time to take brisk walks and enjoy the crisp fall air. It’s the perfect season to take up bicycling to relieve stress. Take a short ride whenever you are feeling down or need to unwind; you will not only boost your own mood, but you will also burn calories while you de-stress.

Yard Work 

raking-leavesLastly, while it may sound nightmarish to some, doing yard work is actually an excellent way to relieve stress during the fall. Set aside some time to rake and clean up your yard and you will relieve your stress as well as get exercise, fresh air, sun, and more. Rather than paying someone else to do it or leaving it up to nature, take some time to rake and groom your yard and lift your spirits in the process.

Overall, finding great activities for stress relief during the fall doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply follow these tips and you will be well on your way.