When you think about living a healthy life, what comes to mind? You might picture someone working out in the gym or a salad plate filled with greens of all kinds. In other words, your mind automatically goes to putting in the work. Limiting what you eat, reducing calories and in essence taking the fun out of life for the sake of your health. This isn’t at all what a life of wellness should look like, though. Read below to learn what it truly means to live a life of health and wellness. If it doesn’t match your current picture of a healthy life, perhaps you should reconsider your definition:

You Get Enough Zzzs (Sleep)

According to an Healthline article, getting enough sleep is vital to creating a healthy life. Without going into great detail, suffice it to say that lack of adequate sleep can lead to weight gain, depression, poor body performance, diabetes, poor immunity, inflammation, and on and on and on. This proves that sleep is of paramount importance to a healthy life.

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You Have Learned to Say No

What does this have to do with your health you might wonder. Well, a lot actually. Therapist Alena Gerst says knowing how to say no plays a big role in the creation of a healthy life. She says that although it might hurt others’ feelings on occasion when you have to say no, you have to honor yourself and your needs in order to create a healthy life. When you ignore your own needs, whether it be a need for rest, or otherwise, this creates negative emotions like resentment and regret and can eventually lead to depression and anxiety. Of course, sometimes, you have to do things you don’t “want” to do. However, in general, there are many things you can and should say no to in order to say yes to self-care.

You Invest in Yourself For Health

Speaking of self-care, you must invest in yourself in order to be healthy. This can mean carving out time to take a class you have always wanted to take or could include something simple like relaxing in a bubble bath. The idea is to make yourself a priority according to Sonna, a certified holistic health coach, and author.

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The tips above are all designed to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. Yes, living healthy involves eating well and exercising. However, healthy living shouldn’t be looked at as a limited life, but rather one broadened to include more positive elements like those listed above.


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